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Top U.S. History Museums

On July 4, America celebrated 246 years since the Founding Fathers declared our independence. Fun fact – July 4 was the date the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, but it was not fully signed until August 2.

The history of America began long before July 1776 and the stories of the people who made America the country it is continued long after, and in fact, go on to this day. Why not take a trip and visit a few of America’s most interesting history museums this summer and camp with us along the way!

Plimouth Patuxet in Plymouth, Massachusetts, presents visitors with the opportunity to experience what the voyage of the Mayflower was like through a recreation of the Mayflower II. As a living history museum, visitors can also see what life was like for the early colonists as well as the Wampanoag Native American tribe. More information on the museum can be found at

Nearest campgrounds are Gateway to Cape Cod RV Campground in Rochester, and Tuxbury Pond RV Resort in South Hampton, NH.

The Henry Ford Museum of American Invention in Dearborn, Michigan, not only pays tribute to the man who is responsible for the creation of the assembly line and mass production, but also other American innovators like Thomas Edison and George Washington Carver. There are plenty of interesting exhibits which include the bus on which Rosa Parks made history with her refusal to give up her seat as well as architect Buckminster Fuller’s futuristic Dymaxion House. For more information, visit

Soledad Canyon RV & Camping Resort
Soledad Canyon RV & Camping Resort

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The National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee, details the history of the Civil Rights Movement in America from the 17th century to modern day. Powerful exhibits include recreations of the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the student sit-ins from 1960. The museum buildings, which are built around the Lorraine Motel, the site of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., have over 250 artifacts, films, oral histories, and interactive exhibits that trace the movement from the Civil War to present day events. For museum hours and more information, visit

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According to the website, the Autry Museum of the American West is “dedicated to exploring an inclusive history of the American West.” More than 500,000 pieces of art and artifacts detail this specific portion of American history. These exhibits also include one of the largest collections of Native American materials in the U.S. Note the museum has two campuses – the Autry Museum in Griffith Park and Historic Southwest Museum Mt. Washington Campus, both of which are located in Los Angeles, California. For information visit

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Harbor View RV & Camping Resort
Harbor View RV & Camping Resort

The Smithsonian National Museum of American History in Washington, DC has it all when it comes to depicting the melting pot that comprises America’s history. There are over 3 million objects here that include varied historical items from Abraham Lincoln’s top hat to Dizzy Gillespie’s trumpet as well as the first artificial heart and Dorothy’s ruby slippers. Quite the scope of American history can be found here including social, political, cultural, scientific and military. For information, visit

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