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Tips on RV Roadside Safety

Emergencies on the road often occur in the most inconvenient spots, whether it be tire blowouts or engine failures. In this quick video, Carol Jackson, RV Inspection Specialist, shares important RV roadside safety tips & supplies to consider when handling emergencies as a responsible RVer on the road. Carol begins her lesson by introducing helpful RV roadside emergency equipment to take with you on your next road trip to prepare your vehicle for the unexpected. First, she recommends storing a visibility vest in a nearby compartment in your vehicle as well as investing in special visibility markers to place behind your vehicle just in case you need to pull over on the shoulder of the road. In addition to the equipment listed above, Carol also provides her suggestions and insight on other important emergency roadside supplies in this video. 

Next, Carol suggests being mindful of soft surfaces, tall grasses, and drop-offs when navigating off the road during an RV roadside emergency because this can affect the way your vehicle slows down. It is important to turn on your flashing hazard lights to signal other drivers because this will help warn incoming drivers that your vehicle is experiencing an emergency. Once your vehicle is off the road and stopped, call for RV roadside assistance or police and wait for help to arrive. Watch this quick video to learn more about navigating RV roadside trouble and hear Carol’s helpful suggestions to keep calm during emergency situations! 

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