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4 Paws on the Road - January/February 2017

Hi, Jenn, I have two dogs that both enjoy the outdoors. One dog is 45lbs and the other is 60lbs. I am often on rocky surfaces, rough pavement as well as side roads that are full of small gravel bits, salt and sometimes snow. I know that I need some paw protection as I love to run and mountain bike several times a weed with my dogs beside me. I have looked at several different brands of dog booties and was wondering if you had any experience with a favorite style or brand and could advise me on further prior to my purchase. What about paw pad moisturizer like Mushers Secret in a jar? Do you think it’s worth the money and even necessary? I look forward to your advice.

Truly, Cari

JENN: I do believe that if you can find a dog booty that fits your crew and stays in place, your pets will be happier and healthier. And even if your not the go-getter type, it’s wise to have a pair of dog booties on hand that fit my animal not only for the reasons that you listed but as a back up aide in case my pet were to injure a paw, the boot would provide additional protection throughout the healing process. My favorite dog boots are made by Ruffwear and are called the Summit Trex- msrp $59.95 for a set of 4. These outstanding dog boots come in eight different paw pad size increments for an excellent, ergonomic fit. The size guide is easy to use and accurate. I appreciate that these boots are extremely low profile – I feel the best form and fit on the market. The sole allows for improved traction and have a built-in gator which protects your pets paws and legs from any snow, gravel, salt or other debris that might slip into the boot and irritate the delicate paw pad. Ruffwear has done an excellent job with the tread on all of their dog boot models. The high mileage tread is flexible and non-marking and the Summit Trex’s durable fabric is complete with a Velcro fastener that is high visibility reflective and easy to use. For more warmth and waterproofing, look at Ruffwear’s Polar Trex boot (MSRP $99.95)

As far as a pad moisturizer, I recommend looking at the Mushers Secret or my personal line of choice, The Natural Dog, and ordering up their organic, “Paw Protector” wax barrier that comes in a simple roll up stick for perfect application. These products work so well, I use them each night on my own cuticles with great success!!


Jenn! I am desperately looking for a natural, organic if possible remedy to ward off fleas and ticks that does not include me having to go to the store and buy a bunch of ingredients. Is there anything on the market that you suggest? I believe I will need to order something online because I am only near small towns usually carry more of what I am looking for. Each time I apply a chemical-based topical to my pets skin for protection I have terrible results. I need a safe, alternative solution.

Thank you, Yasmine

JENN: I certainly understand and respect your need and desire for a more natural flea and tick remedy. I, too, have experienced trouble with synthetic topicals. Mad About Organics is a natural, safe and effective organic company located in Eugene, Oregon that puts pets needs on the top of their priority list. You can call Ben directly at 541–996-2164. On their website,  www.MadAboutOrganics.com you will learn how to treat your home and pets- horses, dogs, cats and more!- for fleas naturally and effectively. They have an herbal flea and tick topical concentrate that is completely organic and safe, EPA approved for pets for weeks and older. Quick tip!..While you’re on their site, look at their amazing holistic dental care line up! Another natural pet product made by Mutt Knows Best is called “U. Tick Me Off” and is a three in one conditioning shampoo that helps keep your dog flea and tick free, naturally and without any harsh chemicals. Crisp Citrus Mint fragrance is mild and effective even on a pet with sensitive skin or allergies.  I know a number of people who all of these products use this on their dogs and cats to effectively ward off fleas, ticks and lice and feel switching to organic has been successful and does not seem to bother the animal adversely as many synthetic topical treatments. Remember that if you do opt for a medicated treatment, be sure to acquire it from your vet, as grocery store brands are even more dangerous than prescription brands.

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