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Dessert for Dad


This Father’s Day, treat Dad to dessert he’ll love, especially since he doesn’t have to lend a hand to put it together.

Campground Party S’mores (makes 10 servings)

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10 oz. cinnamon graham crackers (2 sleeves of crackers)

6 milk chocolate bars (like Hershey bars)

16 marshmallows (regular size)

Vegetable oil

2 cups mini marshmallows

Salted caramel topping


Break graham cracker sheets along perforated lines into quarters. Break chocolate bars along perforated lines into small rectangles. Set aside 8 large marshmallows to roast on camping skewers. Using oil, grease a 12-inch cast-iron skillet and a sheet of heavy-duty aluminum foil big enough to cover the skillet.

Campfire directions: Layer half of the mini marshmallows followed by half of the graham crackers, half of the chocolate bars, and half of the remaining larger marshmallows in the skillet. Repeat the layers. Snugly cover the skillet with foil (greased side down). Set skillet on a grill grate over a low campfire with glowing embers. Cook until chocolate is glossy and marshmallows are very soft when pressed, 5-8 minutes. Remove foil.

Camp stove directions: Use a total of 1 ½ cups mini marshmallows, 5 ounces (1 sleeve) of graham crackers, 3 chocolate bars, and 8 regular marshmallows. Sprinkle 1 cup mini marshmallows in the bottom of the greased skillet. Top with all the graham crackers and chocolate bars, then the regular marshmallows and remaining ½ cup mini marshmallows. Cover tightly with greased aluminum foil and cook over very low heat on a camp stove until chocolate is glossy and marshmallows are very soft when pressed, 10-12 minutes, checking to make sure the bottom of the s’mores aren’t scorching. Remove from heat and let stand, covered, for 5 minutes. Remove foil.

For either version: Skewer reserved large marshmallows on camping forks and roast over a campfire or camp stove. Place on top of s’mores and drizzle with caramel sauce. Spoon servings onto small plates or into bowls.

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