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Top Campgrounds Near Prime Birding Destinations

John J. Audubon, whose birthday is celebrated on April 26, was a naturalist, artist and ornithologist who set out to discover the birds of America and ended up identifying and painting more than 500 species of American birds. Birding, once considered a hobby for an “older” crowd, has recently soared in popularity among younger generations thanks to its stress-reducing mental health benefits. Combine some birding with your next camping trip and enjoy the relaxing vibes at these birding sites.

If you’re headed to a camping getaway at Thousand Trails Palm Springs, you’re in luck from a birding perspective. A little over 30 miles from the campground, the Big Morongo Canyon Preserve is an internationally renowned birding site set over 31,000 acres. More than 250 species of birds can be spotted here.

Certainly, Pennsylvania’s Gettysburg National Military Park is a must-see when camping at Drummer Boy Camping Resort. Apart from the Civil War history to be learned here, the Park is also great for birding as more than 175 bird species have been identified that make their habitat here thanks to the area’s mix of grassland and woodland. Red-tailed hawks soar overhead while Canada geese enjoy the Park’s streams, and seasonal songbirds can be spotted and heard all around.

Drummer Boy Camping Resort
Drummer Boy Camping Resort

With more than 350 different bird species identified here, Everglades National Park would be the ideal quick birding trip when camping at Miami Everglades. When visiting, check in at the Visitors Center for a list of the best sites to spot the birds found here which include warblers, mangrove cuckoos, great blue herons and of course, the iconic Florida flamingos.

Blue Heron

The Illinois Audubon Society purchased Amboy Marsh (just 10 minutes from O’Connell’s RV Campground) in 2012 and the 302-acre wetlands is now a sanctuary for flora and fauna of the area. The sandhill crane leads the list of the 93 bird species found here, and the Marsh is also home to the largest population of nesting Blanding’s turtles, which are an endangered species in Illinois. 

O'Connell's RV Campground
O’Connell’s RV Campground

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