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Make Your RV Feel Brand New with These Renovation Tips

RV Reno shiplap

If you’re looking to give your RV a new look for the summer, these tips and tricks from Wisco Flip, an RV renovation company, can help you achieve an HGTV-worthy style!  

Wall details: One of the most popular trends is faux shiplap, which can cover the existing wall structure and give it an aesthetically pleasing look. To create faux shiplap, you’ll need 1/4 inch plywood veneer sheets, a table saw, mastic or Heavy Duty Liquid Nails Construction adhesive, pin nails, and pennies or quarters to space out the shiplap. Once the shiplap is applied, you can leave the nail holes for character or spackle them over.  

Wisco Flip paint ideas for your RV renovation
Wisco Flip paint ideas for your RV renovation

Color splash: When it comes to paint colors, white cabinets are still a timeless trend, but green, black, and navy blue are becoming popular choices for RV cabinetry. Grey is on its way out, and color is finally in. Make sure to use a sheen of satin for walls and semi-gloss for cabinets for ease of cleaning.  

Prep time: The hardest part of painting is the paint prep and choices, so make sure to repair any damages and clean all surfaces with a degreaser such as TSP. Scuff sand all cabinet surfaces and prime before painting. Remember to avoid painting in temperatures below 65 degrees to ensure the primer takes right to the walls.  

With these tips, your RV can look brand new and ready for summer adventures! 

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