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I Knew I was a Trailblazer: The Axness Family

Family sitting in front of RV

This issue, Trailblazer would like to introduce you to Nate and Christian Axness. They have been traveling fulltime for six years and fell in love with the RV lifestyle after borrowing their friend’s Winnebago. Today, they’re focused on creating lasting family memories with their children, and ensuring they’re making the most of their time out on the road.  

TB: How long have you been camping and RVing? Who introduced you to it?  Tell us how it all began! 

N+C: We have been full-time traveling for six years. We were introduced to RVing after a friend lent us her old Winnebago. We took it out for a weekend and fell in love. 

The Axness family

TB: How did you first hear about Thousand Trails? 

N+C: We heard about Thousand Trails within Facebook communities. We knew that we needed a more sustainable solution, so we visited a park! 

TB: What is one of your fondest camping memories?  How about one of your fondest TT memories? 

N+C: One of our favorite parks is Yosemite Lakes. It’s where my son caught his first fish and every time we go it seems like wild blackberries are just everywhere! Every time we visit, it’s a reminder of why we chose to live life this way. 

The Axness children

TB: Any funny camping/RVing stories? 

N+C: It’s not funny, but one of my favorite camping experiences! We were camping in northern California at a BLM campground. This campground is frequently used by hunters and that weekend, a few local hunters were out. One of the hunters learned our story and, wanting to give the kids a good story to tell, he invited us to pack up in his truck and go see some wild horses. We rode out for miles on this BLM land but he knew just where to go, because running across the ridgeline was a herd of wild horses with their hair chasing behind them. It was unlike anything that I have experienced.  

TB: What type of camper are you/what equipment do you use? What do you prefer and why? (ex: fifth wheel, RV, tent, cabins, etc.) 

The Axness family at Mount Rushmore National Memorial

N+C: We are in a Highland Ridge Open Range 376FBH and we love it! This is our third rig and most definitely home.

TB: Where have you gone that you wouldn’t have otherwise, if it hadn’t been for your Thousand Trails membership? 

Nate and Christian Axness

N+C: If we didn’t have Thousand Trails, we would’ve had to end this beautiful experience in 2020 during Covid. Being an RVer during that time would’ve been really scary if Thousand Trails hadn’t allowed members to stay within the park during the lockdown. I am forever grateful for the affordable camping, the home away from home feeling, and the people! We’ve loved so many Thousand Trails employees! Should I name a few? Ok, fine! Ms. Sarah at Thousand Trails Las Vegas who helped my son when he fell on his bike, Jim at Yosemite Lakes who helped us when a slide cable broke, and Monique on the customer service line, always happy to let you know if that reservation is available. We love Thousand Trails.

The Axness family

TB: What is your favorite part about the outdoor lifestyle? 

N+C: My favorite part of the outdoor lifestyle is being thrust into the wonder of the creator and being reminded that time is but just a vapor and how you spend it really matters!

The Axness children

TB: This is the question we will be finishing the feature with every month.  We want to know when you knew you were the consummate camper, a true TrailBlazer. Can you finish this sentence?  I knew I was a TrailBlazer when… 

N+C: When this song started living in my head rent-free: “A thousand trails, a thousand sunsets, a thousand steps up to that summit, a thousand things you haven’t done YET just waiting on you to get out the door, a Thousand Trails for you, a Thousand Trails for ME!!!”

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