Navigating curves in your RV can be tricky. In this quick video lesson, RV expert Dave Solberg teaches you the basic RV driving tips to safely maneuver through any curve, whether it be on flat land or mountainous terrain. 

First, Dave will demonstrate the proper technique when approaching a curve in your RV through all types of terrain, even on the narrowest of roads. In this video, Dave takes his motorhome for a test drive along tight roads in the countryside and shares helpful RV driving tips in order to approach the curve with confidence and staying centered in your lane from the start of the curve to the finish. 

Dave shares other helpful driving tips and highlights the importance of using downshift when traveling along hilly terrain, especially on tiny mountain passes. One key tip Dave suggests is going down the hill in the same gear you used to go up. 

Watch this video lesson to learn more about handy RV driving tips, and soon you will be an expert of the curve in no time!

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