On September 1, people around the country raised a glass, or perhaps a bucket of chicken, to toast Chicken Boy. Who is Chicken Boy and why are we celebrating him?

He started out as a mascot for a Los-Angeles based fast food chicken restaurant in the 1960s. When the restaurant closed in the early 80s, Chicken Boy was purchased by artist Amy Inouye and placed in storage. Years later, Inouye decided to place Chicken Boy atop the building of her studio and the rest is history. He is now considered “The Statue of Liberty of Los Angeles” and was even recognized by then-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2010 as the recipient of the 2010 Governor’s Historic Preservation Award. If you’re camping at Soledad Canyon and venture into LA, Chicken Boy can be found at 5558 North Figueroa Street.

Chicken Boy statue
Chicken Boy statue in Los Angeles

This got us thinking: what other giant foods can add flavor to your next road trip? Here are a few:

  1. Giant Orange: Where else could you expect to find a giant orange except in Florida, the state that produces the most oranges in the U.S. Orange World, located in Kissimmee (near Tropical Palms RV Resort and Orlando RV Resort), is actually housed in a 60-foot-high fiberglass orange. Visitors can expect to find plenty of oranges for purchase as well as orange-related gifts and souvenirs.
  2. Giant Peach: There’s James and the Giant Peach and then there’s Gaffney, South Carolina, and the Giant Peach. Just about an hour’s drive from Green Mountain Park, the giant peach, also known as the Peachoid or Mr. Peach, sits atop a 135-foot-tall water tower that resembles a peach. BTW, Gaffney isn’t known for peach growing; it was just an idea by a member of the Public Works Department to make the new water tower resemble a peach.
  3. Giant Watermelon: Texas is, in fact, known for producing watermelon, ranking fourth in the country. And so, it would make sense that the town of Luling, Texas (about 68 miles from Colorado River RV Campground), is all about the watermelon. Aside from hosting an annual Watermelon Thump each June, complete with a Watermelon Queen and a seed-spitting contest, Luling is also home to a watermelon-shaped water tower, rising some 154 feet in the air.
  4. Giant Egg: If the Midwest brings to mind farms and chickens, then the giant egg in Mentone, Indiana, billed as the “Egg Basket of the Midwest,” fits the picture. The 3,000-pound cement structure, which is considered the largest egg in the world, sits near the town center. Mentone even hosts an annual Egg Festival every June, an egg-cellent excuse for a road trip when camping at Twin Mills Camping Resort in Howe.
  5. Giant Artichoke: It’s back to California for our last big serving – if you’re staying at Marina Dunes RV Park, you’re less than 20 miles from the “Artichoke Capital of the World,” Castroville, where nearly 100% of America’s artichokes are grown. There’s a giant artichoke here – one that measures 20-feet high and 12-feet wide. Of course, there’s an annual Artichoke Festival every June, too. And, guess who was crowned the first Miss Artichoke: Marilyn Monroe.

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