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Top 8 Things to do in Santa Barbara

There are countless reasons why Santa Barbara continues to be a top vacation destination year after year. We put together eight of the best things to do while exploring everything Santa Barbara has to offer.  

  1. Check out the beautiful sunny beaches and variety of wildlife: Spanning 110 miles of coastline, Santa Barbara is home to many beaches, with wildlife ranging from seals and sea lions to egrets and foxes. 
  1. Enjoy a front row seat for world-class surfing: Whether you’re an avid surfer or watch the breaks from shore, surf culture can be found at most of Santa Barbara’s beaches. 
  1. Head downtown for great dining, shopping, and museums: Unique boutiques and off-the-beaten-path museums make this town the ideal spot for an afternoon. Nearby vineyards and fresh seafood mean you’ll be wined and dined throughout your visit. 
  1. Try a unique way to stay when exploring a new city by camping or glamping: Stay at the historic Rancho Oso RV and Camping Resort. Known as an old Hollywood hotspot for Charlie Chaplin and The Three Stooges, Rancho Oso offers RV sites, cabins, covered wagons, and more unique rentals for a Western style getaway. 
  1. Explore miles of mountains and valleys while on horseback: Bordered by the Los Padres National Forest and the Santa Ynez rivers, Rancho Oso offers guided horseback rides with scenic views. 
  1. Bike the epic mountain bike trails: Ocean seascapes, mountain views, and great terrain make this city a perfect mountain biking destination, with trails as close as five miles from downtown. 
  1. Climb the peaks and caves bordering Santa Barbara: Try an outside-the-box adventure at one of the many climbing spots. Gibraltar Rock is a quick 30-minute drive and offers a variety of beautiful outdoor climbing options. 
  1. Take a hike along the miles of trails in the area: From coastal paths to mountain treks, Santa Barbara houses hundreds of trails for hikers of every level. 
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