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5 RV Kitchen Storage Hacks

Sometimes finding space in your RV kitchen is limited and you have to get a little creative when it comes to fitting all your essentials while also leaving space to move around. In this video lesson, learn about 5 simple RV kitchen storage solutions to get the most out of your RV space. Lauren identifies a few storage hacks & solutions to help keep your RV kitchen free of clutter and optimize your space: 

1. First, keep your counters clean and free of clutter. Lauren highly recommends investing in a wall-mounted wire basket that attaches on the side of your counter island, as it can hold phones, devices, chargers, and other necessities you keep in your RV. 2. Cooking with spices. One solution to keeping your spices organized and visible is: hanging a spice rack with grippers on the inside of your cabinets. The spice grippers come with a sticker to peel off and stick to the inside of your cabinet, making it easy to keep track of your spices. 3. Cabinet Shelf Racks. RV cabinets can be tall, posing as a challenge when trying to organize your essentials. Lauren suggests utilizing wire cabinet shelf racks to maximize space in your tall cabinets. 4. Utensil drawers have limited space. One solution Lauren recommends is mounting utensil holders on an empty wall, over your sink or oven. These holders can be filled with forks, knives, kitchen tools, or greenery to add a delicate touch! 5. Kitchen Wrap Organizers are helpful accessories if you have limited drawer space. Just attach a kitchen wrap organizer to the inside of a low cabinet door and mount them out of sight.

Watch this quick video and check out Lauren’s creative space-saving and decluttering ideas for your RV kitchen to better optimize your RV Kitchen space! 

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