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Harvest Hosts - A twist on a quick stop

Sometimes RV trip planning is quite simple and straightforward: your close-to-home adventure involves a short drive to a nearby campground, and you’re booked in one campsite for several nights to enjoy all of the campground’s on-site amenities and local attractions.

But, if you’re an RVer who likes to road trip throughout a larger region or enjoys planning multi-week, cross country itineraries, you know it can sometimes be difficult to piece together campgrounds just the perfect distance from one another for ideal driving days with adequate rest time along the way. 

That’s where a Harvest Hosts membership comes in handy. Harvest Hosts has more than 3,000 host locations throughout the United States and Canada, giving you access to an array of entertaining overnight locations, where you can rest and regroup in a scenic spot on your way to your next campsite. 

Here’s How Harvest Hosts Works

Harvest Hosts locations include wineries, breweries, distilleries, farms, museums, churches, golf courses, and other attractions and nonprofit organizations that allow RVers to park on their property overnight. In exchange, you agree to buy a product, book a tour, or give a donation to that Host. Purchases could be anything from a bottle of wine to farm-fresh eggs to a gift-shop souvenir.

Harvest Hosts Members can book overnights ahead of time via an online “request a stay” system, so you can plan your RVing itinerary ahead of time. Each Host’s page on the Harvest Hosts website details the size of RV they can accommodate, how many spaces they have, and any entertaining offerings, which might range from onsite fishing ponds to playgrounds for the kids. Hosts that offer up-close-and-personal encounters with animals, such as alpaca farms, are big hits among families; in fact, most wineries and breweries also welcome children, and many properties are pet-friendly, as well. 

Shiloh Vineyards – Harvest Host Location, WaKeeney, KS

Harvest Hosts Provides Comfortable Stops Along the Way

Harvest Hosts overnights are just that – one night only – so Members don’t “set up shop” for several days at a winery. Instead, Harvest Hosts locations are rural or urban locations that are an alternative to overnighting in a Walmart or Cracker Barrel parking lot or pulling over for the evening at a highway rest area. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with a Walmart overnight for a quick night’s sleep (they sure can be conveniently located), Harvest Hosts was created to present a different type of  “quick stop” – one that’s usually much more scenic and often quieter. (Though you may wake to the sound of mooing cows or baaing sheep if you book a farm stay!)

To boot, Harvest Hosts locations allow for meeting people – not only friendly Hosts who sign up to provide an overnight parking space for RV members but also for getting to know other avid RVers. Most locations offer more than one space for a rig, so chances are, especially if you’re traveling throughout the U.S. and Canada in the warm-weather months, it’s likely you’ll be side-by-side with other folks who enjoy the same type of lifestyle you do on the road. You might get to know fellow campers while enjoying a wine tasting, playing cornhole in the backyard of a brewpub, or touring a museum together. 

Alpacas at a Harvest Host site

Harvest Hosts Offers a Money-Back Guarantee

Give Harvest Hosts a whirl on your next RV trip. You can choose to purchase a standard membership (over 3,000 Host locations) or add on access to overnighting at golf courses (for the full array of 3,500 Host locations). If you decide this mode of travel isn’t for you, simply ask for a refund within
three months. 

Chances are, you’ll enjoy being able to choose from pretty vineyards, family farms, and historic museums, adding a bit of off-the-beaten path fun to your RV adventures.  

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