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Dino-Mite Fun

June 1 is designated as National Dinosaur Day – a day all about those oversized reptiles that roamed the earth way back when. Dinosaurs have been extinct for about 66 million years, and yet, people are still fascinated by them. Case in point: the hype over the mid-June release of Jurassic World Dominion, the sixth movie in the Jurassic series of movies that is all about the big lizard-like guys and gals, is proof.

Head to the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago to see Sue, the most completed and preserved Tyrannosaurus rex, or simply T-Rex, in the world. Sue is also physically the largest specimen discovered, measuring 40 feet long and 13 feet tall at the hip. Sue was discovered in 1990 on a cattle ranch in South Dakota and named for the paleontologist who discovered her, Susan Hendrickson. Plan a stay at Pine Country RV & Camping Resort in Belvidere to take the drive into Chicago to see Sue.

See the footsteps of actual dinosaurs on a visit to Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, Texas. Dinosaur tracks are visible in the riverbed of the Paluxy River located here. In the Ballroom, so named because there are so many tracks going all over it seems like the dinos danced here, there are about 19 tracks to view. There are four other track areas in the park as well. For information, visit Camp with us at Bay Landing RV Campground in Bridgeport for this unique tracking adventure.

The Academy of Natural Sciences Drexel University exhibits more than 30 species of dinosaurs in their Dinosaur Hall Exhibit, including a T-Rex, a Hadrosaurus, and a Chasmosaurus. Visitors can see a life-sized exhibit depicting the internal organs of a Stegosaurus as well as other dinosaur-related items including paleontologist tools. Spring Gulch RV Campground is a good camping spot while visiting the Philadelphia-based museum.

Spring Gulch RV Campground

Want to see a mummified dinosaur? If that’s of interest, head to The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and check out Leonardo, who is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the best-preserved dinosaur in the world. And although it is billed as a children’s museum, both kids and adults alike will enjoy the museum’s Dinosphere which included exhibits like Creatures of the Cretaceous and Giants of the Jurassic. Camping locations could include Indian Lakes RV Campground in Batesville or Horseshoe Lakes RV Campground in Clinton – both of which are a little over an hour’s drive to the museum.

Tropical Palms

Of course, America’s best theme parks have some of the best dinosaur fun around and that includes California’s Disneyland provided glimpses of dinosaurs on the Disneyland Railroad. Florida’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, part of the Magic Kingdom, has DinoLand USA, which features the DINOSAUR thrill ride. And, Universal Orlando has the Jurassic Park Discovery Center. If you’re visiting Disneyland, stay with us at Soledad Canyon RV Campground in Acton; for Florida visitors, Orlando RV, Sherwood Forest RV, or Tropical Palms, are all conveniently located to the theme parks.

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