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Top UFO Towns

Do aliens really exist? Is there life on other planets? Do UFOs fly above us? The places listed here have either reported UFO sightings or abductions, or are ready, waiting, and welcoming for spaceships looking for a spot to land.

Center, Colorado: Head to this Colorado town (about 100 miles from Blue Mesa Recreational Ranch) to see the UFO Watchtower, a domed structure with a 10-foot-tall viewing platform. The story goes that the two large vortexes on the east side of the tower opens parallel universes making it a great for spotting UFOs. The oddities “planted” in the vortex garden are also worth taking a look at. For information visit

Aurora, Texas: The town’s cemetery is said to be the final resting place of the pilot of a UFO that crashed back in 1897 and a Texas Historical Marker commemorates the story.  Plan to stay at Bay Landing RV Campground if you want to see the cemetery and the marker – it’s less than 20 miles away.

McMinnville, Oregon: If you’re into all things alien, then plan a visit to McMinnville, Oregon (50 miles from Pacific City RV & Camping Resort) for the McMenamins UFO Fest, set for May 13-14 this year. The event features a UFO parade, expert speakers, live music, a pet costume contest, and a “landing party.” The festival was founded in 1999 to commemorate the 1950 sighting of a UFO by local farmers Paul and Evelyn Trent. The Trent Sighting, as it is known, and the resulting photographs, are considered to be some of the most credible images of UFOs ever captured.

Pacific City RV & Camping Resort

Bowman, South Carolina: The UFO Welcome Center, a 42-foot-wide flying saucer, was built by homeowner Jody Pendarvis in his backyard. Pendarvis fancied himself as an ambassador to traveling aliens and built the structure as a respite for weary ETs in need of rest. Bowman is about 50 miles from the Oaks at Point South RV and while the UFO Welcome Center doesn’t have set visiting hours, it is open to the public. The Welcome Center is located at 4004 Homestead Road in Bowman.

Tuxbury Pond RV Resort

Lincoln, New Hampshire: Back in 1961, a New Hampshire couple, Betty and Barney Hill, claimed they were abducted by aliens. The Hills were driving home from a vacation when they experienced buzzing sounds, bright lights and saw an object in the sky, which followed their car. After seeing these sights and then finding the bright object hovering above their car, the Hills said they traveled an additional 35 miles with no recollection of that portion of the trip. A road marker commemorating the incident can be found on the Lincoln portion of the Daniel Webster Highway, which is a little over 100 miles from Tuxbury Pond RV Resort.   

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