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How to Find a Water Leak on your RV

Do you ever notice water collecting in an unusual spot in your RV? Whether it be a motorhome, camper, or fifth wheel, water leaks can sneak up in surprising places. In this premium video lesson, RV Repair Club expert Dave Solberg walks through the process of finding a water leak coming from the roof on your vehicle. 
Dave begins his lesson by demonstrating the proper inspection steps on a 2003 Winnebago Brave, where the vehicle’s owner’s discovered a water leak on the passenger window when they were setting up at a campground. The owners were unsure where the leak was coming from, as water doesn’t always exit from the same spot where it enters. First, Dave strongly recommends getting up on the roof and simulating the water source to figure out where the water is entering and immediately reseal any gaps you find around roof-mounted units or the vehicle’s exterior in general.  Dave also suggests using self-leveling silicone sealant designed for RVs. 
Finally, after finding potential gaps, Dave recommends pouring water around and into those potential gaps to see what happens to the runoff. This step is essential in determining where the water leak is coming from, especially if you want to avoid costly damage caused by pooling water. Watch this quick video to learn more about finding water leaks in your vehicle and hear Dave’s expert tips on how to solve any water leaks coming from your vehicle! 

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