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How to Maintain Tire Temperatures

RV Expert, Dave Solberg answers a member’s question regarding RV Tire temperatures: Is there is a maximum temperature that your RV tires should not exceed while driving on the road? In this video, Dave answers this question and shares a few helpful tips on maintaining RV tires and what to be wary of when your RV tire temperature fluctuates. If you notice that the temperature of one or multiple of your tires has risen, this is a crucial sign that something has gone wrong and it is important to address this issue before a more serious issue arises.   

Some possible RV Tire malfunctions to look out for include dropping pressure and locking brakes. Dave recommends paying close attention to the statistics on the sidewall of each tire, to better understand the maximum weight capacity and standard PSI information. Being consistently aware of any dramatic fluctuations in tire temperatures allows for your tires to remain in good condition and achieve the maximal lifespan, which should last no less than 10 years. Watch this quick video lesson and check out some helpful tire maintenance tips from expert, Dave Solberg, and get the most life expectancy out of your tires! 

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