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Staying comfortable: Cold Weather RV Camping

When it comes to flooring maintenance, the carpet can be one of the most difficult parts to clean in your RV. Carpeting is nice to have, as it makes your RV feel homier and more comfortable. However, a clean carpet needs frequent maintenance. In this quick video, RV Repair expert Dave Solberg demonstrates a few tips and tricks on how you can help extend the lifespan of your vehicle’s carpet and shares alternative techniques you can do to maintain carpeting in your RV without having to deal with as much routine upkeep, such as replacing your carpeting with vinyl. One suggestion Dave had to limit the amount of dirt you bring into your RV, is keeping a mat or pad outside your RV to use for your shoes to avoid bringing in excess dirt from the outdoors. Dirt collects in the carpet fibers, causing more maintenance cleaning it out. Watch this quick video and check out Dave’s tips and techniques on how you can maintain the lifespan of the carpet in your RV! 

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