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Thousand Trails Trivia!



  1. Who were the original Thousand Trails mascots?
  2. What was the first Thousand Trails campground?
  3. Cultus Lake, La Conner, and Lake of the Springs opened the same year TrailBlazer Magazine was introduced. What year was this?
  4. Who was Thousand Trails’ first official spokesperson?
  5. Roy Rogers and Dale Evans performed at the first Thousand Trails Rally in 1989. Where was the rally located?
  6. Through which campground does the South Fork of the Tuolumne River flow?
  7. Pio Pico was named after which Californian Governor?
  8. Chehalis was covered in ash after the eruption of what volcano?
  9. If you wanted to tour historic Jamestown, which campground would be closest to this attraction?
  10. If you’re staying at any of the New Jersey campgrounds around Halloween, according to folklore, what should you be wary of?
  11. Which campground has a 17th century graveyard near its trails?
  12. If you’re fishing Lake Texoma near the Lake Texoma RV Campground, what fish can you expect to reel in?
  13. Which campground is located in a Bavarian-style village?

Check out next month’s News from the Trail newsletter for the answers!

Pio Pico – Jamul, CA
Cultus Lake – Lindell Beach, BC
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