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5 of the Best Walkable Cities

San Francisco Skyline

Did you ever say no to a vacation destination because you knew when it came to seeing the sights that meant additional drive time compounded with additional time spent looking for parking? Let’s face it, not all camping trip adventures begin and end at the campsite and the walkability of a destination city can play a major role in your camp choice. One of the great things about Thousand Trails locations is their proximity to big cities and their attractions. SmarterTravel, an online travel site that offers advice and tips on major destinations, among other services, recently ranked several popular destination cities in terms of their walkability. Redfin also did a roundup of walkable cities, and while their list matches SmarterTravel, they also gave each of the top cities a ranking. Lucky for anyone camping with us, several in the Top 10 have a campground near them. Get ready to get those steps in!

  1. San Francisco was given an 87.4% when it comes to walkability, placing it in the #2 spot. Albeit a hilly walk, it is easy to navigate your way around some of the city’s top areas without needing a car to explore these places. Several of the must-see neighborhoods within the city present walkable options including the city’s iconic Chinatown. Check out for great self-guided walking tour options that include an architecture walk, a Fisherman’s Wharf walking tour, and one for the city’s Union Square, which is the central shopping district and where you will find the famous cable cars.

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  • Philadelphia comes in at #4 thanks to all the top spots being walkable. According to SmarterTravel, the city is almost entirely walkable. In fact, Philly’s top two tourist attractions are across the street from each other. The Liberty Bell, located in Liberty Bell Center, is across the street from Independence Hall. Other nearby (read: walkable) attractions are the Betsy Ross House, the Museum of the American Revolution, and Benjamin Franklin’s gravesite. The city has several guided walking tours as well including a Founding Fathers Tour and the Spirits of ’76, a walking ghost tour that visits 20 of Philadelphia’s scariest sites.

Circle M in Pennsylvania or Chestnut Lake in New Jersey are just over an hour away from this historic city.

  • Who wouldn’t want to walk around in a sunny city like Miami? According to SmarterTravel, walking is the best way to explore Miami as it allows you to see all the colorful neighborhoods and get a true feel for the mix of cultures that make up this popular Florida city. A walking tour of Little Havana that mixes tastes from the restaurants and cafes and an inside look at a cigar-making sounds like a good time as does the South Beach option that features food and a look at the city’s Art Deco district. Redfin ranked Miami 5th with its 77.6% rating.

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  • While it’s just about a half-hour walk from Washington D.C. National Mall to the bustling Dupont Circle, the sights you see in that short trip are plentiful. Starting at the National Mall, just of few of the sights are the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the National World War II Memorial, and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. It’s also about a half hour walk from the National Mall to historic Georgetown, Washington D.C.’s oldest city. Georgetown has some great examples of Federalist architecture and offers several walking tours, including an historic tour and one designed to entice the foodies in the group. With a Redfin rating of 75.9, Washington D.C. is ranked number 7.

Harbor View is located just 70 miles away from bustling Washington D.C.

Seattle Skyline
  • Seattle Center, a very walkable section of the Emerald City, has several attractions including the iconic Space Needle, the exquisite Chihuly Garden and Glass and the super cool Museum of Pop Culture. Consider a walk from the Seattle Center to the famed Pike Place Market. Once there, after about a 25-minute walk with no stops, consider a guided walking tour of the market that includes some tasty treats as well as the history of this diverse public market that opened in 1907. All that combines to put Seattle in the 8th spot with a rank of 74.

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