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RV Repair Club - How to Maintain your RV Windshield Wipers

Maintaining your RV windshield wipers every year is important to ensure a clear visual of the road when traveling in your RV. RV windshield wipers become damaged over time if they are overused, especially from driving in the winter or extended exposure to the sun. This can result in visibility issues and overall damage to the windshield. It is recommended to regularly clean your RV windshields using rubbing alcohol to remove the grease and oil off both sides of the wipers. In this quick video, an RV Specialist from RV Repair Club, demonstrates tips and tricks in discovering any rough spots or damage to your RV windshield wipers and how to smooth them out. One of the tips is to place something, such as a piece of cardboard between the wiper blades and the windshield for when you are storing your RV away for the season to prevent the blades from getting baked into the windshield or other damages that may result in having to replace the windshield wipers. Watch this video to learn more about the important factors in regularly maintaining your RV windshield wipers and reduce the risk of damage to your wipers for safe road travels! 

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