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Upgrade your RV Windows with Blackout Shades

Nowadays, many RVers are turning to blackout shades used on residential windows for their RV vehicles. In this quick video lesson, RV repair and maintenance expert, Dave Solberg will walkthrough a demonstration of a blackout shade installation on a 2003 Winnebago Brave. Dave installed a combination of day and night shades to block the outside by using both transparent and blackout shades that can completely block all light from coming in.  One of the biggest challenges Dave came across during the blackout shade installation process was finding enough space to install two of the brackets in both corners to mount the shades. Dave Solberg and his crew ended up using a stair step method where they installed two smaller shades to meet in the middle. Dave suggests a few solutions to consider before upgrading your window treatments based on your RV model; including materials, space, and covering corner angles so cracks are not exposed. Watch this quick video demonstration to learn more about properly blacking out your RV windows! 

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