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RV Repair Club - Tips to Improve the Cooling Efficiency in your RV

Frequently cleaning the AC filter in your RV is important when it comes to improving the overall cooling efficiency, especially in warmer months. In this video demonstration, Joshua Sherer at RV Repair Club performs proper cleaning practices to ensure the AC vents are running correctly in your RV. To begin the cleaning process, completely shut down your RV unit so you can remove the filter. Joshua suggests using dish soap and water when cleaning the filter and then hanging the filter outside to air dry. While the filter is air drying outside, repeat the same process and start cleaning the grate. When the filter is dry, place the filter back into the grate and screw both pieces back into the vent opening. Joshua highly recommends performing this cleaning process at least once per month and more often if necessary, depending on how frequently you travel in your RV. Watch this quick video and check out Joshua’s helpful cleaning tips for keeping the AC filters in your RV clean, cool, and efficient! 

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