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Livin’ Large

If your family was the road tripping type, chances are you more than likely stopped at some roadside attraction or another during a trip. Some are old advertising relics; others are natural formations, and some are just plain quirky. We’ve found a few that are worth a look, and even a whole town dedicated to all things large!

Giant Hat & Boots: Talk about big shoes to fill! Head to the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle and you’ll find a giant cowboy hat and a pair of complementary cowboy boots in the neighborhood’s Oxbow Park. Dating to the early 1950s, these giant items were originally part of a Texaco gas station and were quite the popular attraction back in the day. Legend has it that even Elvis wanted to take a look when he was in town for the Seattle World’s Fair in 1962. Sadly, through the years, the hat and boots attraction waned in popularity, and they were sadly neglected. But the Georgetown residents came to their rescue and the boots and hats are now all spiffed up and ready for visitors.

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World’s Largest Globe: The World’s Largest Rotating and Revolving Globe has a name and it’s Eartha. It would make sense that Eartha can be found at the Maine-based headquarters of DeLorme, whose products revolve around navigation and tracking systems. Eartha is 41 feet in diameter, weighs about two tons and is built on a 1-1 million scale. To view Eartha, head to Delorme’s public atrium in Yarmouth where Eartha is suspended. Eartha is also visible from Route 1 and is lit up at night.

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The small town of Casey, Illinois, (population 2,756) has the distinction of having 12 items noted as the “world’s largest.” Those items include the World’s Largest Rocking Chair, the World’s Largest Golf Tee, the World’s Largest Swizzle Stick, and the World’s Largest Mailbox. They also have a fair amount of “Big Things” like a big ear of corn, a big cactus, and a big crochet hook. So, why does this little Illinois town have so many big things? It all began when resident and businessman Jim Bolin wanted to bolster the community and created a 54-foot tall windchime. You can say things just grew from there!

Horseshoe Lakes RV Campground

(Nearest campground is Horseshoe Lakes RV Campground)

The Native Americans believed that the mythical Kokopelli brought luck in the areas of fertility and agriculture. If you’re looking for good luck in either of these, or just want to see the world’s largest Kokopelli, head to Cape Verde, Arizona. You will find this 32-foot-tall, yellow metal mythical flute player in front of the Starbucks (formerly the site of the Krazy Kokopelli Trading Post) on Highway West Highway 260 in Camp Verde.

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If you’re partial to strawberries, you might want to make sure to stop at The Berry Patch in Ellerbe, North Carolina. Not only do they serve up some great homemade ice cream, but the building is the world’s largest strawberry-shaped building. This big berry is 20 feet tall, runs 80 feet around, and weighs 8 tons! It was built by the business owner, Mr. Berry (no kidding!). If you visit, there is also a farmer’s market and a large peach and large strawberry made of plywood with cut-outs so you can take a pic!

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