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June is National Camping Month

Ponderosa RV Campground

Someone we know once said “Get Out and Camp” so let’s take that advice this June, which also happens to be National Camping Month, and do just that! 

Camping has so many benefits from the social to the physical. All the fresh air and the sunshine have been shown to improve mood and aid in sleep while socialization has been shown to expand the lifespan and delay memory problems. Toss in the exercise you get from camp activities that can range from campground team games to hiking, biking, swimming, and fishing in the nearby areas and camping is a no-brainer when it comes to what does a body good! 

If you’ve been camping for a while, why not switch it up? If you are a tent camper, try camping in a cabin or a yurt. If you like camping in the mountains, mix it up and try a campground that is close to the beach. Just a weekend camper? Turn this year’s big vacation into a week’s worth of camping! There are plenty of ways to camp and plenty of places to do it when you camp with us.

Pacific Dunes RV Resort
Pacific Dunes RV Resort

Check out the yurts at select campgrounds in California, Oregon, Pennsylvania Washington, or Wisconsin. Cabin options can be found in California, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin. Looking to camp near the beach – try Pacific Dunes in California, Pacific City in Oregon, any of the Bar Harbor campgrounds or our campgrounds in Cape Cod and Cape May.

Best places to camp and fish? Of course, the two camping locations in The Florida Keys work well for that or our Texas campgrounds which are perfectly located to stalk the stripers (Lake Texoma) or catch a big old catfish (Lake Tawakoni). Looking for trout – stay with us at Bend/Sunriver in Oregon and see what the Little Deschutes River will bring you. Want to camp and hike? There are plenty of trails near our campgrounds (to find a nearby trail, check out

Pacific City RV Resort
Pacific City RV Resort

If this is going to be the first time you’re camping, some tips to follow include:

  1. If you’re starting out in a tent, bring the essentials which include a sturdy tent, warm sleeping bag, a sleeping pad (which goes between you and the ground), a flashlight, a lantern, camp chairs, a cooler, cookware, and a camp stove. Of course, plenty of food and water are also essential so bring what you like that keeps well. PS – borrow as much gear as you can just in case you don’t get bit by the camping bug (who wouldn’t though?)!
  2. Speaking of food, plan your camp meals before you leave so you are prepared with everything you need. Use camp stores and convenience stores to pick up small items you may have forgotten. 
  3. Camp close to home the first time out – check out to see which campgrounds are close to your home base.
  4. Arrive early at the campground so you can get your site set up and check out the campground, its amenities, and the rules before dark. Plus, the earlier you arrive, the sooner camping can begin!
  5. Be prepared for weather – even if it’s sunny and warm, be ready with wet weather gear and a change of clothing just in case. Things happen!
  6. The most important tip of all: have fun!

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