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Tips to Seal your RV Exterior Components Safely

Maintaining the seals of your RV’s exterior components is crucial in preventing long-term water damage to your vehicle. Seams can crack and dry out, so it is advised to make sure all seals are watertight. In this quick video, veteran RVers Mary and Josh Sherer walk through the process of replacing old silicone sealant safely. 
Their first tip is using a plastic scraper instead of a metal scraper when removing old seals because metal scrapers can scratch and damage your RV wall. Mary and Josh share a list of basic and essential tools you will need in order to start peeling away the old sealant, whether it is your door handles, trim pieces, lighting mounts, or vents.  
Then, they will use painter’s tape to demonstrate creating a clean seal line around the outline of the cover, finished by smoothing the line with your gloved finger. It is recommended to remove the tape quickly to ensure a freshly sealed cover that is both air and watertight. Next time you complete your regular inspection on your RV, look out for any seals that are cracking or may be at risk of leaks and get it sealed up and secured! Watch this quick video to learn more about properly sealing your RV components from veteran RVers!  

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