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Any research you do on travel, you’re bound to find “the lists” compiled by bloggers, travel magazines, influencers, and other experts in the area of whatever it is your searching. For example, Dr. Beach, aka Stephen B. Leatherman, a professor in the area of coastal research, has been the go-to list maker for more than 25 years when it comes to the best beaches in the world. Beachgoers eagerly anticipate his Top 10 list every year. Online media websites like Thrillist and Popsugar regularly provide content for listicles on topics of all kinds from travel to food to music and more. 

And while we can certainly provide you with a list of the best campgrounds to visit, we thought we’d provide you a reason to visit those campgrounds by instead highlighting some of the list-makers in the areas near these campgrounds. Here goes:

Portland, Oregon

Coolest City:  Providing what they consider to be the coolest city in every state,’s list includes Portland, Oregon, calling it weird but wonderful. Seattle, Washington was also on the list thanks to its art scene, great trails, and fabulous restaurants. See for yourself what makes these cities so cool and stay with us at Portland Fairview RV Campground and Tall Chief RV Campground, near Portland and Seattle, respectively. Or, plan a trip to see both and stay at Chehalis RV and Camping Resort, located right in the middle of these two cool cities!

Best Bike Cities: List-makers from a list compiled by CNBC that included access to bike lanes and hilliness as part of the criterion include Long Beach, California, and Chicago, Illinois. That hilliness factor must be a plus when it comes to making the list because one of the hilliest cities around, San Francisco made the list, too. So, pull out the bike carrier, grab your bike gear and plan to stay with at California’s Soledad Canyon RV Campground near Los Angeles, or San Francisco RV. Hoping for less hills? Try Pine Country RV Campground in Belvidere, Illinois, while you bike these nearby cities to see if you agree.  

Providence, Rhode Island

Quirkiest Cities: A reader poll by Travel and Leisure magazine came up with this list of the Ten Quirkiest Cities in America that have just the right amount of odd mixed in with the everyday. Providence, Rhode Island, which is a little over 80 miles from our Cape Cod campgrounds, came in at number four on the list thanks in part due to the residents of the city’s cemeteries, namely occult author H.P. Lovecraft and Mayflower passenger Elizabeth Tilley Howland. Another reason is the city’s street artists that include puppeteers and masked musicians. Austin, Texas, takes the number two spot so book a stay at Colorado River and take a day trip to experience an armadillo race, hear all kinds of live music, and gamble a bit on a unique form of Bingo that involves live chickens. 

Best Outdoor Towns:, a travel media source that caters to outdoor adventurers, made a list with the caveat that the cool, outdoor vibe be part of the culture of the town and not related to a single spot or nearby destination.  To that end, Bend, Oregon, Leavenworth, Washington, and Truckee, California all made the cut. Get your outdoor vibe on and plan a stay with us at Bend-Sunriver, Leavenworth RV Campground, and Tahoe Valley and take in the great outdoors. 

Peace River RV Campground

Best Beaches: We couldn’t do this piece without a nod to Dr. Beach. Best beach list-makers over the years near our campgrounds include Siesta Key in Sarasota, Florida (nearby options include Winter Quarters Manatee in Bradenton or Peace River in Wauchula); Coronado Beach in San Diego (about 30 minutes from Pio Pico RV Campground); and Coast Guard Beach in Cape Cod (less than 15 miles from Old Chatham RV Campground.)

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