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Cornucopia of Camping 

Adirondack Mountains in northeast New York.

Adirondack Mountains in northeast New York.

Adirondack Mountains in northeast New York.

A cornucopia is “an abundance of good things of a specified kind.” In our case, it’s a cornucopia of camping! When you think about the abundance of locations offered by the Thousand Trails family or the abundance of variety within those locations, there’s plenty of good things. In fact, call us the veritable cornucopia of camping!

Bursting with plenty of locations, Encore RV Resorts are basically all about plenty of sunshine. With locations in Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas, these are the resorts to seek out when fun in the sun is on the agenda. The Trails Collection Campgrounds cover the bases when it comes to exploring the US with each campground providing something a little bit different. Summer at the Jersey Shore or in the Adirondacks? Or maybe a Midwestern getaway? What about PA Dutch Country in summer? Yes, yes, yes, and yes – all are represented in the campground collection. 

The Cascades, the Adirondacks, the Poconos, the San Jacintos, the White Mountains, the Superstitions…luckily if these mountains are calling you, there’s a Thousand Trails or Encore location nearby calling you, too! From California to New York, to the beautiful Pacific Northwest, the rugged East Coast and the heartlands too, we’ve got mountain locations to satisfy the camping skier, the camping hiker, the camping mountain biker, and the camper who just loves to visit the majestic mountains of our country.

Beach views from the Florida Keys

Beachie campers will appreciate the plethora of sandy options when it comes to camping with Thousand Trails and Encore. We are near the ocean beaches in California, Florida, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon, and Washington; near Gulf beaches in Florida and Texas and near lakeside beaches around the country in places like Alabama, Indiana, New York, and Wisconsin. If lazing by the water is your thing, then by all means do it with us!

Natchez Trace RV Campground  in Tennessee.

We’ve got the history lovers covered, too, with locations near Gettysburg, the historic Natchez Trace Parkway, Virginia’s historic triangle of Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown, as well as Virginia locations near the Chesapeake Bay and Washington D.C.  Choose a museum, historic site, or national landmark and then choose one of our campgrounds nearby. We’re there! 

Looking for bright lights and big cities? With locations near Atlantic City, Boston, Chicago, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Miami, Portland, San Francisco, San Diego, and Seattle, we can offer you city life and camping fun in one fell swoop. 

Looking for a variety of accommodations? We’ve got the cornucopia covered when it comes to unique camping accommodations, too. A yurt, you say? Yep – check out our yurts in California, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Wisconsin, What about a tipi? You’ll find those in California. Tiny homes – we’ve got ‘em in Arizona, Florida, New Hampshire, Oregon, and Washington. Don’t forget about our cozy cabins and colorful cottages, too. We are overflowing with camping and glamping accommodations.

Plenty, plenty, plenty – in whatever way you want, we’ve got it.

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