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Changing your Office View

Here’s another new term to come out of 2020 – zoom towns. What is a zoom town you ask? Zoom towns are what used to be known as top vacation destinations but thanks to the work-from-home allowances in COVID-19 land, these places are becoming hot spots – the good kind of hot spot, in this case. People are leaving the city for short getaways and heading to work anywhere but the confines of the four walls of their humble abode, and of course, the office. They are looking to places that provide great views as well as outdoor lifestyles so when the five o’clock whistle blows, the great outdoors is the evening’s relaxation or entertainment.

Take a look at some of these places with Thousand Trails and Encore locations to consider for a brief respite from home sweet home, where the sun is shining and the warm weather is pretty cool. Rent a tiny home, cabin, cottage, or pull up the RV and get to work AND get outdoors!

Verde Valley RV Resort in Arizona

Arizona: For years and years, people have visited Arizona for therapeutic benefits. After all, a place so sunny gives that daily dose of Vitamin D. And the dry desert air is good for whatever ails you from asthma to arthritis and even the winter blues. For that daily dose of D, consider Yuma where they boast sunshine 308 days a year. The Phoenix metro locations are great for hiking adventures and of course, Sedona has those healing vortexes. Options can include Sedona’s Verde Valley RV Resort; Yuma’s seven RV Resorts and plenty of locations in the Phoenix Metro area. Outdoor activities in Arizona range from hiking, exploring the desert, mountain biking, and kayaking, to name a few. Simply soaking up the sun is also an approved activity! 

Orlando RV Campground in Florida.

Florida: Choose from locations on the Gulf Coast, the Atlantic Coast, or Central Florida. If you really want to switch it up, head to the Keys where you’ll feel like you’re working from the tropics! Options to consider include a tiny house at Sunshine Key RV Resort in the Keys; a cottage at Sunshine Travel RV Resort in quiet, yet quaint Vero Beach on the shores of the Atlantic; an always colorful Miami location like Miami Everglades RV Resort; central Florida locations like Kissimmee (Sherwood Forest or Tropical Palms) or Clermont (Lake Magic RV Resort or Orlando RV Resort); or great Gulf locations like Royal Coachman RV in Nokomis, Winter Quarters Manatee in Bradenton, or Fort Myers Beach RV Resort in  Fort Myers. Florida has plenty of bike trails, fishing, and water sports, outdoor markets, and botanic gardens.

Rio Grande  Valley in Texas

Texas: It’s not just the birds that flock to the Rio Grande Valley, aka RGV, in winter (fyi, this is a top birding area), but also people seeking sun and the opportunity to keep busy outdoors). Birding is quite popular here and the great thing about the area is that it offers nine different locations of the World Birding Center. Another great thing about a South Texas “office” is that come the weekend, the beach is about an hour away. South Padre Island is about 80 miles from the Rio Grande Valley and provides the perfect beach getaway after a long work week. Birds, beaches, and beautiful scenery make South Texas a top choice for new office views. Check out all 10 Encore RV Resorts in the RGV. 

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