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4 Paws on the Road

By Jenn Swope


I have an older golden retriever named “Candy” who is starting to struggle getting up and down the stairs to our motorhome. The full-time lifestyle is all that we know and while I would very much like to live in a house, it is just not in the cards so we are making do with the amazing Thousand Trails system and are grateful. We have installed a lightweight, portable ramp that is used for the dog to go up and down the RV and in and out of the car with much more confidence. I think it would help if we had some type of a harness to help support the hips and back legs as her push/strength just isn’t what it used to be. The frequency in between bathroom breaks is increasing and it would be nice to have some type of harness that supported her (AND saved my aging back) that she could wear all the time or at least during daylight hours. Is there anything like this on the market that you know of? Thank you for caring enough to share and support us on this new challenge. 


Ramona and Erick D.
Full Time RVer’s 

Thank you for writing in and sharing your dilemma with a senior dog. I commend you for making the most of your situation and caring for Candy as well as you do. The portable dog ramps are excellent to eliminate the need to step up and down and are surprisingly affordable and easy to use! I regularly point people to Amazon or for a wide variety of ramp options available. As far as a device/harness to support the hind end and of the dog; I recommend the Solvit Carelift that retails for around $20 and can
be worn throughout the day. 

See this month for natural joint support that would benefit your senior pet! 


We are beginning to look for suggestions to a natural joint pain support or supplement. Ideally an option that both my dog and cat can use that is not veterinary prescribed so I can get it when I need it and avoid big pharma in any way I can. I travel 8 months out of the year and could stock up here and there if I knew what worked. Both dog and cat are picky eaters and grain free – just to compound my issues.  

Thank you for your help in the matter.

The Purcell Family 

Hello, Purcell Family. The effort to support joint health is an important endeavor at all life stages. Certainly, as our pets age, and just like us, we look to avoid medication if possible and go organic when available. I have a dog named, Ginger, who is turning nine years old this August has a chronic sore shoulder from an injury in her younger years; she is also very finicky with her food and both of the products I’m recommending she happily eats and have shown to reduce her discomfort. Look at to the frozen section at a Primal Pet foods authorized distributor for the latest Edible Elixir called Omega Mussel Mélange and add a dollop or two on top of your dog and cats food. Great for additional moisture and supporting joint care with green mussels and organic mushrooms, this palatable elixir keeps in the refrigerator. Loaded with bone broth to seal and heal the gut with natural glucosamine, cooked mussel meat and organic anti-inflammatory supplements, it’s a daily must have in helping your pets thrive. Ginger also gobbles up one Edibites Soft Chew Supplement from PetReleaf every morning, on demand! She loves the Peanut Butter and Carob Swirl flavor (yes, it’s grain free!). Organic, full spectrum hemp extract with naturally occurring CBD oil is mixed with organic ingredients and delivers a guaranteed 2 mg of active CBD with every bite!! These Edibites are soft to break and are “Big Pharma” free; just one of the incredible benefits from CBD oil is that it contains zero contraindications so in case your pet is on a prescribed medication, adding a CBD supplement will not interfere whatsoever. I can tell you with confidence that I have seen extremely positive results in adding both of these supplements to Ginger’s daily diet. Both products are made in the USA and highly respected. Thanks for trusting me to help advise you! 

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