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4 Paws on the Road
4 Paws on the Road

Hi Jenn,

I never thought I would be in this conundrum but we have struggled all winter of 2018 to find suitable jackets that actually fit our funny shaped dogs. We need coats that keep the dogs warm and dry with our ever-changing lifestyle. As full timers now living in a 40 ft., 5th wheel RV, we thought we would be able to always be in nice weather, but life happens and we have ended up needing to be in colder climates than originally planned for a majority of the winter. Can you recommend a company or contact that is easy to work with, that also produces top quality, custom dog blankets? Customer service is very important to us. This year, we are going to have the blankets made ahead of time so we will be ready for snowy weather when Mother Nature sees fit! We have three rescue dogs and all are odd shaped for one reason or another.

Thank you,
Lance and Marie Kitchen 

YES! I can absolutely be of direction with your need! My beloved Boston Terrier, Brie, is one of those hard-to-fit dogs. She’s short and wide,
more like a French bulldog and most clothes don’t fit her very well making her uncomfortable and looking like a bit like a turtle. In addition, Brie, aka, Pig-Pen, is no casual house dog and has proven to be hard on her clothes. I have had the distinct pleasure of working firsthand with the amazing mom and daughter team at Voyagers K9 Apparel- a handmade dog blanket company that specializes in custom blankets and breed specific designs. The high-quality Polar-fleece and durable nylon options are exquisitely tailored with reflective piping and flawless stitching to produce one heck of an amazing dog blanket! No other blanket on the market includes such unique and ergonomic front chest or blanket strap design. When I was ordering Brie’s cold weather jacket, I submitted specific measurements that were taken with the guidelines instructed on the website. I also emailed front and side view photos that helped with further customize design to be sure the jacket was perfect for her little-big body. Wholeheartedly, I couldn’t be happier with the fit, quality and the function of this amazing dog clothing line- Check ‘em out and tell them Jen at The Trailblazer sent ya! 

Hi Jenn,

I’ve seen the topic before in regards to having stinky dogs and we’re in that boat. I’m always looking to save water and be smart with the types of products used to shampoo as we camp a lot. Ideas? 

Much Obliged,
Kerry Litt

Keeping out the stink sure seems to be a lifelong battle. One of my dogs, Ginger, always seems to have a certain musty odor about her. Even after a bubble bath, three to four days later the pungent smell starts to creep back in. I have tried many different products on the market and I’m regularly looking for new options that are not overly scented. Natural ingredients and fragrances are important to my decision-making. Be sure to rule out any underlying medical conditions such as yeast or an allergy that may be contributing to discolored skin. Fleas in the environment also cause dryness and dander, but not the stink. Always be thinking of the whole picture when regularly analyzing our pet’s overall skin/coat condition. I am currently using “Waterless Cat Shampoo” on my dog by TropiClean USA that is cruelty free with 70% organic ingredients and earth friendly recyclable packaging. The no rise shampoo is pleasantly deodorizing with a coconut fragrance helping reduce dander and freshen the coat in between washings. Yes, I know the label reads “cat”, but I confirmed with the company there is no reason dogs are to be excluded here. Regular use of the product definitely moisturizes and helps reduce allergens, which makes for happy pets and their owners. 7oz of the pump foam retails for $10. Simply shake the bottle up, coat your pet in the foam and work in gently with your hands. Use a dry hand towel to finish and fluff. This product leaves the coat smelling clean, looking shiny and feeling soft.⎯

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