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How to Celebrate Halloween This Year

Halloween is just around the corner and we’ve got a boo-tiful list of spooky spots to visit if screaming is your thing!

Famous Graves and Graveyards
There’s no better place to get in the spirit to be scared than in a graveyard. Tombstone tourists take note of these gravesites of very famous people:
Elvis Presley – Graceland (Memphis, TN)
Bruce Lee – Lake View Cemetery (Seattle, WA)
Johnny Cash – Hendersonville Memory Gardens (Hendersonville, TN)
Al Capone – Queen of Heaven Cemetery (Hillside, IL)
Jimi Hendrix – Greenwood Cemetery (Renton, WA)
Charles Ringling – Manasota Memorial Park (Bradenton, FL)

Famous Graves and Graveyards
A trip to Los Angeles can be a bonanza of fun for tombstone tourists as both the Hollywood Forever Cemetery and Forest Lawn Cemetery are home to the gravesites of many famous people. Hollywood Forever is the final resting place of rockers, Johnny and Dee Dee Ramone, of The Ramones; silent film star Rudolph Valentino; Hollywood bombshell Jayne Mansfield; and gangster Bugsy Siegel. Forest Lawn Cemetary is the permanent home for Walt Disney, King of Pop Michael Jackson and his friend Elizabeth Taylor, movie idol Clark Gable, and funnyman George Burns. Both of these locations offer tours and maps so you can visit every famous gravesite. Check out and for more information.

Soledad Canyon RV Campground is about an hour from Los Angeles, CA; Wilderness Lakes RV Campground is about an hour and a half drive from Los Angeles, CA; Idyllwild RV Campground is about 2 hour drive from Los Angeles, CA.

Spooky Towns
Portland, Oregon has many haunted locales thanks to the Portland Underground, also known as the Shanghai Tunnels, which were a series of passages under the city’s streets that led to the Willamette Docks. Due to the seamy side of the underground, history says notorious and illicit deeds were carried out and thus, the hauntings. Some of the most haunted places in Portland are said to be Hoodoo Antiques, where an apparition of a lady is said to appear, and the Benson Hotel, which is home to several spirits including a friendly porter, two women, a little boy, and founder, Simon Benson, himself.

Mt. Hood Village RV Resort & Campground is less than an hour’s drive to Portland, OR; Pacific City RV Campground is about 2 hours drive to Portland, OR.

Boston, Massachusetts is said to have many ghosts from the Revolutionary War as well as that of the first witch put to death during the infamous Salem Witch Trials. At the city’s Omni Parker Hotel, guests have reported sightings of a bearded Colonial gentleman as well as a bathtub that mysteriously turns on and off on its own.

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Chicago, The Windy City, has plenty of spirits blowing around – namely victims of Al Capone’s St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, the Eastland maritime disaster, and the Battle of Fort Dearborn. Chicago offers several ghosts tours that take you to haunted spots in and around the city (check out and And of course, if you happen to be near the Chicago suburb of Justice, watch out for Resurrection Mary, who left a ballroom after a night of dancing and met a tragic end via a hit-and-run driver. Mary is said to appear in her dancing fineries asking drivers for a ride!

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