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Your End of Summer Bucketlist!

Road Trip

The “dog days of summer” are here, but it’s not over yet! When you look back at the summer of 2018 how will you remember it? If you can’t think of anything, then we have a bucket list of 50 things to cross off that summer bucket list!

  1. Camp at Thousand Trails
  2. Take a photo with your #100daysofcamping rally towel
  3. Canoe
  4. Learn the words to the Thousand Trails Anthem
  5. Catch a fish
  6. Enter an eating contest
  7. Attend a music festival
  8. Visit a winery
  9. Take a brewery tour
  10. Ride your bike on the trails
  11. Take a road trip

    Tips for Your Next or First Roadtrip

  12. Visit a national monument
  13. Enter a fishing tournament
  14. Participate in camp wars
  15. Sleep under the stars
  16. Try a new recipe
  17. Swim in some hot springs
  18. Roll down a hill
  19. Do Geocaching and find a cache
  20. Play tag
  21. See a play or a concert at an outdoor amphitheater
  22. Start a kickball game
  23. Grill something you’ve never grilled before
  24. Cliff jump
  25. Pick summer berries and make a berry pie
  26. Make a Juicy Lucy

    Jucy Lucy Burger

  27. Catch a jar of lightning bugs
  28. Try stuffed peppers with your own twist
  29. Ride in a hot air balloon
  30. Go horseback riding
  31. Visit a wildlife refuge
  32. See a drive-in movie
  33. Make lemonade
  34. Run the trail of a champion
  35. Hide a cache
  36. Hide a cache that has significance to your family history
  37. Hide a cache that has historical significance
  38. Attend a county fair
  39. Ride a Ferris Wheel
  40. Swim in a river
  41. Tie-dye t-shirts
  42. Pickle some veggies
  43. Take a break from your phone by leaving it off for at least 24 hours
  44. Learn to surf
  45. Tour the Finger Lakes
  46. Hike the trails near your TT Campground
  47. Eat a lot of ice cream
  48. Write a letter to an old friend and send it via “snail mail”
  49. Have a water gunfight
  50. Make more memories at Thousand Trails!

    Lynchburg RV Resort

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