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How To Cozy Up Your Campsite

Camping is more popular than ever in the US and many people will have gone or will go camping for the very first time this year. We’ve all been there – broken sleeping bag zippers; running out of T.P.; bug bites everywhere; camping can be a rough experience the first go-round, especially if you are used to the comforts of home. Check out the tips below for making your next camping trip feel more like home.

  1. Bring a lightweight rug for the front of your tent or RV. A welcome mat in front of your tent automatically makes you feel like you’re stepping into a cozy retreat. Plus, you’ll avoid tracking in dirt!
  2. Hang battery powered string lights from the ceiling of your tent to create a warm glow of light at night. These can also be wrapped around the tent lines so you or anyone else doesn’t trip over them in the dark.
  3. Lightweight tapestries can double as rugs, picnic blankets, or tablecloths and give a bit of extra style to your campsite without taking up too much space in your luggage.
  4. Bring an air freshener that you typically use to make everything smell more like home.
  5. Lavender is a great aromatherapy scent that repels bugs and makes your campsite smell great!
  6. Relive your early camping days and fill your tent with a soft light made from a gallon water jug and a headlamp. This is especially helpful at night if you do not have a working flashlight or do not have an outlet for lights.
  7. Roughing it this time around? Line the bottom of your tent with foam puzzle pieces. Typically used for little kids play rooms, these foam puzzle pieces provide extra comfort when tent camping.
  8. Whether you’re staying in the RV or tenting, bring an air mattress. Cover the air mattress with a real comforter, your sheets from your bed at home, and proper pillows. You’ll crawl into bed every night after a day of hiking and camping activities feeling like you’re really at home.
  9. Bring one or two collapsible, soft hanging sorters, that can hold things like shoes, clothes, or other supplies that you will need easy access to while camping. This kind of sorter is also great for kitchen and dining supplies you may have brought.
  10. Create a makeshift nightstand next to your sleeping area. You can bring a small fold up table, flip a cooking pot over so it functions like a little stool, or use a small fold up camping stool to store nighttime supplies, like a freshly filled water bottle (for those who wake up thirsty), a book, and baby wipes to clean excess dirt off your feet before snuggling in bed!

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