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Tips for biking on trails

Paradise RV Campground – Silver Creek, WA

There’s a lot to do this month to celebrate National Bicycle Month! Here are a few tips for staying safe and having fun while biking the trails. Tell us your tips in the comments!

1. Look out! Some of these trails are pretty old and the traffic during the busy season can cause the trails to be a little less than pleasant. Just make sure your brakes are in good shape and stay aware of your surroundings at all times. If you encounter serious damage to a trail, make sure to alert the park ranger.

2. Water, Sunscreen, Helmet! Say it with us – Water, sunscreen helmet. Water, sunscreen, helmet. Also, don’t forget to reapply the SPF!

3. No Flip Flops. It’s important to wear appropriate shoes. Sure, there are a lot of super easy, paved trails to check out, but wearing appropriate footwear will save you from potential injury and dirty feet.

4. Mind the Pedestrians. Trails like the Historic Road Trail and Pumpkinvine Trail also attract walkers, so make sure to communicate with those around you to avoid accidents.

5. Have fun!  Trails are made for you to experience and enjoy, so take lots of pictures, remember to wear a helmet, and treat yourself to a biking adventure!

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