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Banana Boat Campfire Desserts

Banana Boat Recipe

S’mores a bore? Try this twist on a banana boat sundae! This sweet treat looks just as fun to eat as it is to put together! Stuff these bananas with whatever toppings you like. 


1 ripe banana per person
Chocolate Chips
Mini marshmallows


  1. Light your campfire (if it’s not already going, that is!)
  2. Slit your bananas lengthwise
  3. Stuff them with any combo of toppings that you like best! Here are a few combinations to try: 
  1. Set a camping grate over a low fire and place bananas on top to melt the toppings and soften the banana. If you don’t have a camping grate, you can use a grill lined with tin foil, or push a long stick through the bottom to hold them over the fire like you would with roasting marshmallows. 
  2. Once all toppings are melted, eat with a spoon! 

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