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Spring Cleaning Tips for Your RV

Get ready to hit the road with these spring cleaning tips that any RVer and camper can use!

  1. Get rid of the trash
    This may seem like a no-brainer, but when you have a heap of spring cleaning tasks to go through, the easiest thing to do first is to tackle the trash. Go through all of your cabinets and drawers for things like old plastic utensils that were never used or salt and pepper packets that are collecting dust. Throw away old paper maps that may be hiding in glove compartments, under the seat, or in the seatback pockets.
  1. Replace items to reduce waste
    Consider replacing space-taking items like plastic Tupperware and boxes of plastic baggies with items like cotton beeswax wrap to replace your plastic wrap, and glass containers that can replace your plastic Tupperware will last years longer than plastic Tupperware. Not only will these items keep your food fresh, but they will also last longer than the one-time-use plastic bags and wrap and will save you space in your small kitchen area.
  1. Clean!
    Use a lemon to naturally scrub away rust in the bathroom or rub it on stainless steel faucets. A lemon is more malleable and less harsh than the bristles of a brush and it also leaves your steel appliances and surfaces smelling fresh!

Spring Cleaning

  1. Dealing with Pet Hair
    If you travel with your pets or often find hair around your rig, a window squeegee is a very effective way to pick up hair. Just swipe it across furniture or carpeted floors to easily sweep up the unwanted hair around your RV.
  1. Make room with a vacuum seal
    Take a look at your clothes – if you live somewhere where there are changing seasons, you’ll benefit from assessing your closet each season. Go through all the items and donate items that you haven’t worn in over a year. Throw away clothing that has holes or is falling apart. Vacuum seal your winter clothes and store them away. Not only will this make room for your warmer weather clothing, but vacuum sealing your clothes will also make it easier to store more items in a small space.
  1. Throw away old camping gear
    It can be hard to part with old gear that you’ve had for years. If something is no longer reliable (like you have to keep taping something back together every year) it’s time to throw it away or donate it.

Share with us your favorite spring cleaning tips in the comments! Visit thousandtrails.com to plan your spring break trip!

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