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The Best RV Industry Podcasts

Whether the hosts are providing tips and tricks for the upkeep of your rig or are inspiring your next road trip with stories from the road, podcasts are great for learning new things and hearing stories from fellow RVers and campers. We have previously brought you some of our favorite podcasts, but we recently updated our playlists and are sharing it with you this month! Check ‘em out and don’t forget to share your favorite podcasts about living the RV lifestyle in the comments. Happy listening!

RV Family Travel Atlas

Stephanie and Jeremy Puglisi, authors of The Idiots Guide: RV Vacations, are a husband-wife duo that host the RV Family Travel Atlas and Campground of the Week podcasts. They travel around the country with their three children in their motorhome, documenting their thoughts and travels via their podcasts and blog. Their podcasts are friendly and upbeat and everything they say is full of enthusiasm for the RV lifestyle. Most of their episodes are an hour long, and this past month they did some “bite-sized” episodes titled, “RV TV Shows to Binge Watch When You’re Not Camping” and “Creating Your RVing Budget: Managing the Costs of RV Ownership and Travel.” Listen to their podcasts here.

Girl Camper: Janine Pettit

Janine Pettit encourages women to get out and camp and to do things on their own on her podcast, Girl Camper. She is a frequent public speaker and writes for the Go RVing blog as well. She’s an ambassador for the Girl Camping movement and her podcast, Girl Camper, features Janine as she explores the country in her 1966 Go Tagalong Travel Trailer. She tells stories of her travels and brings on fascinating guests – from fellow RVers to industry insiders. You can listen to her podcast via iTunes!

Living the RV Dream

Until 2017, John and Kathy Huggin were the hosts of the RV lifestyle podcast, Living the RV Dream! Together, this jolly couple tackled every topic possible when it came to RVs. They logged over 300 episodes that included personal stories, interviews, and special live episodes. They also read letters from listeners who would write to them asking advice about their RVs and listeners also would share stories from life on the road. Last year, they sold their rig and decided that without actually being on the road full time, they decided to pass their podcasting torch on to Robert Morales, their friend and fellow full-timer. Expect a fresh new voice and maybe some accompanying video content in the episodes to come! Check out more info about the Huggin’s transition here.


Award winning journalist, Mike Wendland, reports from all over North America from his Class B Roadtrek motorhome that he shares with his wife, Jennifer. Wendland interviews other full-time RVers and provides tips and tricks for keeping your RV in tip top shape. Also be sure to check out his blog which is filled with great content about interesting places to go, plus links to his podcast, videos, and how to’s. See more here!

Heath and Alyssa

Heath and Alyssa Padgett are two millennial full-time RVers who podcast and blog about their marriage, their on-the-road business, and interview other RV entrepreneurs from around the country. Their weekly podcast is an intriguing and entertaining look at the business they’ve taken on the road, their honest feelings about situations that arise while on their journey together as a couple and as full-timers; and they provide so many useful ideas and tools for listeners looking to take their own businesses on the road or develop a side hustle. They also have a bunch of free resources on their website that are chocked full of helpful tips for people transitioning to the RV lifestyle. See more of their content here!

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