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On Location: Unique Accommodations

Thousand Trails campgrounds aren’t just places for snowbirds and travelers to park their RVs. There are plenty of ways to camp when you camp with Thousand Trails!

Tiny Houses

Think you’re cut out for a vacation in 200 square feet? Book a tiny house! Each one has its own personality, quirks, and style, and are set in beautiful locations – in the forests of Washington in the Bavarian Village of Leavenworth; nestled among the trees in the majestic Mt. Hood forest outside of Portland, Oregon; along the shores of the Atlantic; and in the desert of the Southwest. All the tiny houses are outfitted with amenities that will make you feel right at home. Kitchens, full bathrooms, and tiny houses that can sleep up to 5 people means that you can bring the whole family!


When traditional camping meets lodging amenities, yurt in for a treat! Yurts are circular tents built with canvas, a sturdy material that provides warmth in the winter and a cool atmosphere in the summer. Yurts provide outdoorsy charm without the need for tent poles and camping gear, and are the perfect way to experience a new way of camping. You can stay in a yurt on a Thousand Trails campground all over the country!


Infuse more color into your vacations when you stay in a colorful cottage at Thousand Trails. Staying in these cozy cottages, with locations on each coast, will have you reaching for your camera for many photos to remember a vacation filled with color and charm.


Whether you drive through the prairies of the midwest to reach rustic cabins in the woods or up the mountains to reach the ranches of wine country in California, there is a cabin waiting for you. Cozy up in these comfy cabins located at Thousand Trails campgrounds all around the country.

And More!

Hoping to vacation adventurously? Give a rustic accommodation like teepees, tents, and covered wagons a try! These are located at our locations in Santa Barbara and Morgan Hill, and will surely help you feel like you’ve stepped back in time while you have the time of your life!


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