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4 Paws on the Road - November/December 2017

I’ve noticed that my dog has incredibly dry skin. We try not to wash her too much to avoid stripping her coat of natural oils. Is there anything that you suggest to help make her more comfortable? Maybe a topical, or?

Thanks, Cameron and Jacki

JENN Moisture is most certainly a critical part of a healthy pets coat and the first line of defense to help ward off infections or other means of possible dermatitis. It is important that we pay close attention to our animals’ hair coat and skin quality, learning to make adjustments as necessary. Kudos to you for noticing that your pet has dry, flaky skin and inquiring on what to do about it for a positive change. Take comfort in knowing this topic is something that I, too, am challenged with on my own dog. Especially when we are camping in extremely high altitudes or dry ambient weather, my dog, Ginger, seems to have flaky, dry skin. She already receives daily wild Alaskan salmon oil supplementation as well as organic coconut oil in her food. She eats a grain free/potato free diet and receives no artificial colors or synthetics and all of her foods are completely steroid and hormone free and sourced in the USA. Generally, the majority of allergies stem from the foods our pets eat, however, the environment can also be a contributing factor and it’s not to be ruled out. While we were in Colorado this last summer, I could not keep Ginger’s skin, along with my own skin, from feeling tight, dry and flaky. I reached out to a veterinarian friend of mine who approved my idea of simply applying a fragrance free lotion

on her skin. Using a topical generic lotion with dimethicone and a natural colloidal oatmeal base has helped to relieve her itching and skin shedding. Organic Shea butter combined with coconut oil has helped as well and I often apply a dab of this concoction on the tops of my dogs noses to ward off the “crusties” and keep those noses soft. This is also a great combination for dried out cuticles and rough heels! I hope these ideas help bring you and

your pet some relief.

Hi Jen, my husband and I are looking to get a pair of cats that can travel with us. My husband wants to go to the shelter and adopt two older cats and I want to get two kittens. Do you have any thoughts or recommendations on this predicament? We are thinking the first of the year would be the best time for us to acquire the new furry additions as we winter in Arizona. Also, have you come across any types of window cat perches that have solid suction cups?

Thank you so much for your informative call them and we appreciate the inform provided.

We love the RV lifestyle and love the thousand trails system!

Pat and Carry

JENN Hello, Pat and Carry! I think it’s wonderful that you are doing your due diligence in planning for your new pets. Thinking of adopting at a shelter is always a great way to go and given your current situation, I think that the kitten route would be prudent over that of an adult cat. It’s a lot easier to have younger animals adapt and adjust to an on the road lifestyle when it’s the only way of living they know – especially when we are talking about cats! In our travels, several amazing families come to my mind who live full time on the road who have cats that love jumping in the car and enjoying the adventures of RV life. Each one of these cats are also harness trained, walk on a leash, ride in a pet basket on the front of a bicycle and enjoy the

open water on the kayak or houseboat! Seeing a cat do the same types of activities that we share with our canine companions is definitely a head turner! For these reasons, I believe that starting out with kittens is a lot easier then with adults.  Regarding your idea of RV friendly cat perches; there are several types of suction cup platforms that offer comfort and convenience along with safety that can be adhered to your RV or car interior window. I suggest looking on Amazon and reading the reviews that you think might fit your lifestyle best. I am the most familiar with the Oster Sunny Seat Window- Mounted Cat Bed that holds up to 50 lbs. This design is easy to install and a truly innovative perch ideal for cat owners on the go. The Oster is listed for a very affordable $13.36 and is a best seller with rave reviews! I hope once you find the kittens, or cats, to fit into your lifestyle you have an opportunity to share a few photos with us. Best of luck!

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