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Tips for Your Next (or First!) Roadtrip

Get ready for your first, your tenth, or your hundredth road trip with quick tips! Every road trip is a new opportunity to make it better and more seamless than the last and be sure to share your tips with us in the comments.

  1. Download before you go.

You’re going to need entertainment while on the road, especially if you’re traveling with children (or antsy adults…) Download all of your entertainment before you leave and you’re guaranteed to have all the podcasts, songs, books, and tv shows you want while in areas that have less-than-stellar cell service.

  1. Your GPS is great but have a backup plan with real maps.

We’ve all felt like we were in the middle of a sitcom, or maybe a horror story, when you’re driving and all of a sudden your GPS is taking you somewhere you just know you aren’t supposed to be, like a dirt road that seems to lead to nowhere or a dead end. When those moments happen, make sure you have a paper map.

  1. Keep your car or RV tidy with a makeshift trashcan and a lid.

Utilize a reusable cereal container with a lid and line it with a trash bag. Voila! You have a trash can that is small enough to keep in your car, but won’t spill if accidentally knocked over by a foot or a short stop. That being said, remember to save those plastic bags from the grocery stores or gas stations so you always have a garbage bag.

  1. Stuck in traffic? Blow some bubbles…

Have you ever had a magical moment while sitting in traffic? Probably not. You are sure to put smiles on the faces of disgruntled drivers while stuck on a highway when you open your window and bust out a bubble. Everyone around you will be thanking you for a bit of a whimsical pick-me-up in an otherwise undesirable traffic jam.

  1. Instead of traditional air fresheners, tap a few drops of essential oil onto a clothespin and stick the clothespin on a vent.

If you’re on a long road trip, your car or rig will probably get a little bit stinky or musty. Freshen things up naturally by dabbing several drops of essential oils on a clothespin and clamping the clothespin on a vent. Air fresheners that hang from a rearview mirror are great but can be heavily scented with harsh chemicals leaving your passengers ripe for getting carsick.

  1. Use a plastic shower caddy to keep meals in the car or rig tidy.

Eating on the go? Keep meals tidy, and the car or rig floor free from too many crumbs, by putting everything in a small shower caddy. The sides of the caddy are tall enough to hold in potential fly-away food items like french fries or carrot sticks and the caddy is large enough to hold a full meal and keep drinks upright when there are no available cup holders.

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