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How to Pack for the Perfect Picnic

Though summer may be coming to a close in just a few short weeks, picnic weather doesn’t stop until there’s snow on the ground! Whether you’ve stacked Tupperware and mason jars into a big tote bag or are carrying one a classic picnic basket that organizes your silverware, dishes, and even wine glasses, it doesn’t take too much to get picnic-ready. All you basically need is a big blanket, a bunch of tasty, fresh food that you can eat with your hands, and a companion! Here are some helpful tips to help you pack that perfect picnic and impress your next picnic date!

  1. Wrap knives in tea towels for safety and to have cloth napkins to clean up.
  2. Roll into your picnic like a boss.
    • Bag or basket too heavy to carry? Pack your picnic in a rolling cart, like this one to make it easier to get to your picnic destination. Line the cart with a tablecloth (use a gingham one to really set the picnic mood!) and add your supplies, heaviest items on the bottom first.
  3. Bring a swiss army knife or multi-tool with you.
    • These nifty little tools usually have corkscrews, knives, scissors, and can openers on them, making them very handy when you’ve forgotten a knife or a can opener.
  4. A small cutting board that fits in your picnic basket doubles as a cheese plate!
    • Who knew a cutting board could do double duty?
    • Make guacamole with avocado shells – cut avocado in half, take a fork and mash within the skin of the avocado. Add diced tomatoes, onions, cilantro, squeeze a lime over top, and voila! Handheld guacamole… just add chips!
  5. Don’t know what to eat? You can’t go wrong with fruit and cheese! Cheese and fruit pairings that are awesome:
    • Chevre (goat) cheese and d’anjou pears
    • Pink lady apples and sharp cheddar cheese
  6. Classic finger sandwich recipes make for crowd-pleasing picnic basket lunches that are easy to transport and boast ingredients that impress. Finger sandwich recipes, even if they aren’t bite-sized, are great because of their thin layers and aren’t slippery. Here are a few combinations that are great for late summer picnics:
    • Cucumbers, butter, fresh herbs, and lemon zest on white bread (classic tea sandwich recipe)
    • Peanut butter & jelly on wheat bread
    • Cucumber, smoked salmon, cream cheese, chives on white bread
    • Watercress and egg salad on white bread
    • Prosciutto, ricotta cheese, and honey on baguette
  7.  Jelly jars are perfect for transporting salad dressing
    • Instead of potentially risking opening up a tupperware full of  sad, wilted lettuce that was dressed too early, bring your dressing on the side. Jelly jars or small mason jars that can seal tightly are great for transporting salad dressing, keeping your salad crunchy and your picnic happy!
  8. Screw top wine.
    • Need we say more? Also, plastic wine glasses are durable and keep you from any potential glass-related injuries.

Share your tips for the perfect summer picnic in the comments!

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