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4 Paws on the Road - July 2017

Jenn, I have a very finicky cat and a new kitten on the way from the shelter. I have tried so many different dry foods and I’m trying to get the cat on a more healthy diet which I know includes less kibble, if any at all, and more raw food. My adult cat loathes anything with salmon or a fishy smell. What do you think about single protein sources? I have been struggling with crystals in my cats urine and my holistic veterinarian suggested that I eliminate kibble in order to remove the natural build up of crystals from forming. My friend told me that by rotating only raw food has completely heal their cats need to have surgery ever again. I want that for my cat! Because I travel extensively as a full timer, freeze-dried food makes a great deal of sense to me. To be clear, my cat will not eat anything that smells like fish formula.

Please advise me more on how this will help benefit my cat.

Meowww, Gabrielle

JENN: Gabrielle, Feeding pets high quality, wholesome raw foods mimics their natural diet of animals in the wild. Primal Freeze Dried formulas are nutritionally complete and are to be fed as an ongoing feeding program that encourages protein source rotation. Stop feeding your cat kibble- he will not self starve! Your cat might complain for a few days or so but eventually, your cat will eat the food that it is offered. Hold true to the cause, for your pets sake! Make sure that treats are only raw food-based such as freeze-dried liver or organic freeze-dried chicken. Void feeding anything with synthetics or hormones and everything must be grain free. You will see an elevated level of health and your cat when you switch to wholesome, quality raw ingredients. I feed and recommend Primal Pet Foods so often because I feel their strict food safety standards and third-party laboratory testing offers incredible food safety for my cats and dogs. Once the freeze dried food is hydrated with a little water or fermented goats milk, it will maintain an optimum freshness for 3 to 5 days when refrigerated. Fed with confidence and know that you are offering your pet the most bio-available composition of quality nutrients available. I suggest trying the turkey flavor, pork or the rabbit for the most finicky felines. Better yet, ask about a starter pack in the frozen section to have a chance to try several isolated meat proteins in one package.


Jenn, To my delight, I’ve noticed many of the Thousand Trails have dog areas with access to water where my dog could swim or play. Is there a life jacket that you could suggest or any tips on purchasing one that would be suitable for my 23 lb dog? Now that I am recently retired and traveling full-time, I would like to start taking my canine companion on the kayak as well and having a life jacket in place would be great peace of mind.

Happy Trails, Joanne

JENN: Joanne, Congratulations on your recent retirement! The amazing adventures we have been on and wonderful people that we’ve made friends with along the way will be THE highlight of your days ahead. Smart thinking on making a life jacket purchase for your dog and insisting on an excellent fit. While any brand will do as long as it fits properly, strong and sturdy construction is critical. An ill fitting life jacket is of no use for proper flotation so purchasing one that does not interfere with your dogs shoulder movement is critical. Adjust the fit of the jacket when your dog is in a standing position. Using the grab handle on top of the flotation device, lift your dog up as though you were pulling him out of the water. Does his head and shoulder dip down or does his rump slide back and out of the lifejacket? If so, this jacket does not fit your animal. When you lift up, your pet needs to stay balanced within the flotation device in order for it to work properly in the water- this fit test is critical and could save your dog’s life. The vest must fit snug! While I am partial to Ruffwear’s products because they are strong and secure while been thoughtfully designed for both dogs and their humans, there are many brands and styles to choose from. I have included a photo (thank you, Susan Wilgus and her dear Boston Terrier, Hattie) with an excellent example of how to lift your pet to ensure a proper fitted life jacket. Remember, when you pick up your pet from the grab strap, they must stay completely level within the jacket.




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