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4 Paws on the Road - June 2017

by Jenn Gehr

Jen, I’m looking for your suggestion for a type of shampoo that you use for your dogs or other pets that you know. I have a dog and a cat who periodically, I notice a flea or two on. I don’t want to use a harsh chemical flea topical like a Advantage Plus or BioSpot if I don’t have to. I also have a flea bomb I’d like to use in the house but I know I need to wash the pets as well after the bomb to cover my basis. I want to be prepared for keeping a little critters from multiplying.

Thank you, Anna

JENN: Thank you for your inquiry, Anna. It sounds to me like you are on an excellent warpath for success! I do use a pyrethrin based carpet and upholstery pump spray called Zodiac by FleaTrol on specific areas of my house where the dogs and cats do not walk. As many of you know, I too, am a firm believer in natural topicals whenever possible. I like the De Flea Pet Shampoo from Natural Chemistry that kills fleas on contact and is safe for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. The primary ingredient is cinnamon oil, cedar and clove mixed into a sodium laurel sulfate solution. I’ve never personally use this product on cats but I know it is recommended for dogs of any age, pregnant or nursing. When fleas are really in need of a chemical bases, I use the Adams Flea and Tick Spray. Be sure to cover your pets’ sensitive eyes and nose and only spot treat ears with a cotton swab rather than spraying the face in any way. Natural Chemistry also has the De Flea pet and bedding spray that kills fleas on contact. I think if you were to wash both your dog and your cat and treat their bedding and the ground, you would not need to additionally spray your cat as the label does not list use on felines. I hope you find this arsenal of natural flea fighters a lineup you can refer back to that helps defeat the little pests!


Hi Jen, I am moving to the Palm Springs area this fall and I have to commute to San Bernardino for several weeks at a time throughout the winter and next year. I am a devout Thousand Trails member and I rotate between Thousand Trails in Palm Springs and Idyllwild TT. I am looking for a pet friendly week out location that would help facilitate my two dogs and other activities that is near San Bernardino. Do you have any suggestions for me?

JENN: Yes! I can understand and I know that the Idyllwild Park is not somewhere that you could easily reach when the snow finally comes in the winter. I would suggest looking into the Mountain Lakes ROD Park in San Bernardino- it’s a very pet friendly park with acres to roam and wifi throughout the park. Many people I know use this serene location for their week out where having a myriad of hiking trails to choose from is high on their requirement list. Looking into a seasonal option at the Palm Springs TT might be an additional thought.


I’m looking for an additional way to create cool air for my rabbits when I’m traveling. I use a little battery-operated fan on their cage but when the charge runs out, so does the cooling effect that they so depend on. Do you have any ideas for the car/rv to help keep us all more comfortable as the temps heat up this summer?

Truly, Robin and Tammy

JENN: I am a “fan” of the Endless Breeze by Fantastic Fan(Dometic) that plugs directly into a standard cigarette lighter. This amazing fan has various f speeds settings and is very quiet when running. Shop around for the best price but you should be able to find this must have item for around $68.00 on Amazon Prime. For many small animals, freezing a few water bottles and placing them in your pets cage or crate will provide additional cooling. This is a must do for rabbits and ferrets alike. And of course, always provide shade for your pets when traveling and cool, fresh water. Thanks for sharing with us about your beautiful Rummy and the great idea to help keep him comfortable with use of an fan. Make sure he can’t get his chompers on the fan cord once it’s plugged in! Take care!

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