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10 Reasons to Skip Airline Travel

Every day, millions of people head to the airports to go somewhere. Some are commuting to work, some are going on vacation, but whatever they are doing traveling in airports these days can be a hassle. With so many baggage fees, long security lines, and all the potential delays, cancellations, and other mishaps that can happen with airline travel, it would be no surprise if you decided that flying the skies was no longer for you.

10 Reasons to Skip Airline Travel:

  1. Your trip, your rules! Don’t get bogged down by canceled flights, baggage fees, and long lines, when you’re in your RV, you just get up and GO! Plus, when you’ve got a Thousand Trails membership, you can go go go anywhere you want!
  2. Beachside views for 1M or a quick reservation at an RV hookup spot right on the beach? Some pay a pretty penny just to own a vacation home near the beach. Why own only one home when you can have access to hundreds of beaches when you travel in your RV?
  3. Seats on airplanes are getting smaller
  4. You don’t need a passport to travel the country (just bring it if you plan to drive through Canada!)
  5. Airplane food isn’t exactly gourmet cuisine. Enjoy a home-cooked meal in your RV every night! Or, if you’re staying at a Thousand Trails park, take advantage of the grills available to guests.
  6. Get up and go whenever you please! Your schedule is yours. You won’t have to “re-book” your plans with anyone else but yourself!
  7. Let your pet be your co-pilot! Don’t worry about all the fees and cargo spaces for pets when flying…in your own RV, your pet can be where you want them to be
  8. Control your own space! Whether you’ve made the interior of your RV a zen garden or simply revel in the fact of knowing where all of your things are at any given time, there’s no chance that you’ll have to cram into a middle seat or lose your luggage. What a relief!
  9. The comforts of home are with you wherever you go. These days, many RVs that are rented or sold have spacious bedrooms, new appliances and electronics, and high-quality furnishings.
  10. There will be no flight connections missed or running through a terminal to get to your connection. The connections you make while traveling in your RV are with other people and with the beautiful places you encounter on your journey.

What do you like best about your RV? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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