Out N’About: Attempt to Beat the Guinness World Record for Largest Tree Hug in Lynchburg, VA!
World’s Largest Tree Hug

The new season brings new opportunities to learn about the preservation of trees, education about our environment, and keeping up healthy lifestyles at Peaks View Park. To spread awareness and engage the community of Lynchburg in outdoor activities, the city is setting out to beat the Guinness World Record for Largest Tree Hug on April 29, 2017.

Later this month, the community in Lynchburg, VA will be kicking off a new season with the World’s Largest Tree Hug! On April 29, over 1,500 people are expected to head to Peaks View Park where tree huggers of all ages will hug the trees of the park in unison in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for Largest Tree Hug! Anyone ages 5 and up can participate. This event is more than just a giant, collective tree hug, it is also a community event and will feature live music, craft beer, an acroyoga demo, drum circles, a mountain bike demo, and a free screening of ‘The Lorax.’ You can even stay overnight and camp out under the stars with your family and friends. Visitors are strongly encouraged to register for this event and you can do so at pleasedohugthetrees.com.

Lynchburg RV Resort

Lynchburg is a community of outdoor lovers with access to areas like the Blackwater Creek Natural Area and the James River. Lynchburg, VA lays along the Blue Ridge Mountains, some of the most iconic mountains in the country. From hiking trails to vineyards; from the Blue Ridge Parkway which is the epitome of US scenic drives, to plenty of highly rated restaurants in the historic town of Lynchburg, there’s no shortage of activity for every kind of traveler in Lynchburg.

The Lynchburg RV Resort, just about a 35-minute drive to the Parks View Park, is the perfect home base for visiting the World’s Largest Tree Hug! Surrounded by farmlands, rolling hills. It’s a campground packed with activity and features a swimming area, beaches, fishing, and canoeing. Lynchburg RV Resort operates from May through October Tent camping? Need an RV hookup? Both accommodations and more are available to Lynchburg RV Resort guests and members of Thousand Trails!

Lynchburg RV Resort

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