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A Trip to the Mt. Hood Tiny House Village

Staying at the Mt. Hood RV Resort Tiny House Village is an experience everyone should try. From their clever storage spaces to their cozy interior decoration, these little homes are full of character. Ranging from 175 – 260 square feet, the Mt. Hood RV Resort tiny homes can sleep 3 – 5 people, depending on the size of the house. Many who’ve stayed in tiny homes at Mt. Hood have come to figure out if living their lives in a tiny house would be good transition, or they come to simply experience what it’d be like for a night or two, like I did!

Mt. Hood

The Mt. Hood Tiny House Village is conveniently located. Just an hour outside of Portland, which is worth a visit if you’re visiting from somewhere else. The Village is only a 30 minute drive to the Timberline Lodge, which is famous and beloved for it’s world-class skiing and for playing the character of The Overlook Hotel from the Stephen King horror film, The Shining. Continue heading west from Mt. Hood and you’ll see multiple signs for trailheads within the Mt. Hood National Forest and even more places to ski and snowboard. Maybe winter sports isn’t your thing? Take a drive about an hour from the Mt. Hood Tiny House Village to the Carson Hot Springs where visitors can enjoy the benefits of soaking in salt and mineral water baths and taking advantage of spa services offered. So whether you’re looking to have a crazy adventure on the mountain or looking to relax, staying at a Tiny House at the Mt. Hood RV Resort provides a unique and cozy home base for any activity on the mountain.

I arrived at the Mt. Hood RV Resort around 5pm, just as the sun was going down. The views of farms, wineries, and the mountain range while driving down US – 26 E from Portland was breathtaking. Upon arrival, I was greeted in the main office by friendly smiles and a speedy check-in process. Before I knew it, I was going up the steps to unlock the door to the Atticus, the “sleek, rugged, and modern” tiny house in the village and one of the property’s most popular.


It’s hard not to be awed by every little detail – the cozy decoration, the tiny front porch that is so welcoming, the notebook next to the lofted bed filled with handwritten stories of previous visitors – even though I was only an hour away from home, it felt like I was worlds away from the bustling city.

The first night I cooked chicken drumsticks on the stove, because I thought there would be an oven, but it turns out, there isn’t! If you plan on staying here and making your own food, make sure you’ve got a stovetop recipe in mind. So really, that could mean anything from macaroni and cheese, to chili, to a simple cooked egg on a piece of toast for breakfast.

Atticus Interior

I spent a little bit of my evening in the sauna at the fitness center and mingled with the other lodgers before heading back to Atticus to read and fall asleep in the super cozy lofted bed. The fitness center is open late – until 10PM on most days and 9PM Sundays. With the threat of a snowstorm coming, I was glad to know that if I somehow got stuck here, I’d be hanging out in the coolest of lodgings and access to a heated pool was not far away.

Mt. Hood RV Resort Pool

One of the best parts about the tiny home is the full-sized shower! Which made me feel even more at home because I didn’t have to adjust how I bathe just to stay in this tiny house. Once clean, I carefully climbed the ladder to the lofted bed. I noticed a notebook next to the bed and inside were handwritten stories of people who’d stayed in Atticus before me – couples on a romantic getaway; parents taking a vacation away from the kids; even an entry that mentioned pulling the digital clock out of the wall and turning it upside down because staying in the tiny house is like staying in a fantasy – you lose sense of time. Wondering what I wrote down? You’ll have to stay at Atticus to find out!

In the lofted bed, you sleep right up against the windows, so waking up to a scene of giant falling snowflakes was picturesque, to say the least. The snow was unexpected and because of that, I decided to head out as soon as possible. If your car doesn’t have all-wheel drive (mine did not) or chains that can be attached, then driving up the mountain further in a snowstorm like that could be too dangerous.

Heading back to Portland was bittersweet. Though I was glad to go home safe because of the snow, I longed for another night in the tiny house where I’d wake up in what felt like another world. It was easy to imagine a life of having less stuff, taking up less space, and immersing myself in a cleverly designed home that more and more people are gravitating towards in these modern times. See for yourself what a magical experience staying in a tiny home can be!

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