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4 Paws on the Road - March 2017

Jenn, Thank you for your helpful instruction and tips. My partner and I look forward to reading your pet friendly section and the entire trailblazer magazine. I have a Pekingese mix that regularly pops up with hotspots and strange irritations. I try to keep those areas clean as of that suggested but the Betadine side seems to be very irritating when used regularly. Do you have a suggestion of something else I might try to use that cleans the skin? Thank you for encouraging us to go RAW – the diet has significantly change the quality of our dogs life as well as her hair coat and interest in food overall while still keeping organic/healthy veggies meats and priority. Sahara looks and acts like a younger version of her beautiful self once again!

Sincerely, Paula and Misty

JENN: Thank you for your support and kind words of The Trailblazer Magazine! We all work hard to keep helpful and insight information coming your way. The most gentle and effective product that I suggest for wound and skin care is called Vetericyn Plus. It is an odorless water based spray that can be applied to a Telfa or gauze pad, even a Q-tip for delicate cleaning around the eyes and inside the ears. My pets, as well as my own skin, is very sensitive to odors, perfumes and harsh chemicals. Vetericyn Plus is safe to use on all animal skin types and is non-sensitizing, non-irritating and safe if ingested. I also love that this product is non- staining to white fur and made in the USA. No rinsing is necessary with this topical and the abrasion can be left open to the air or covered. I hope you have ruled out any systemic conditions with your Sahara and that her irritations are just allergy based to the environment. Another Tip is to remind our readers to eliminate perfumes, fragrances and dyes from their laundry detergent, as well as their fabric softeners. Our pets are extremely sensitive to smell and keeping things perfume free will ward off allergies, skin sensitivities and weepy eyes.


Hi Jen! I know that you have extensively traveled throughout Utah and Colorado. I am a devout Thousand Trails member but I know that the system does not extend much into these two states. We are looking to branch out a little bit in the fall when the weather begins to cool off for a 4 to 6 week adventure before returning back to the Cottonwood TT preserve. Can you suggest any favorite camping locations/or hikes that the dogs can do when in UT/CO border area, specifically that are a must do? We are active and love adventure!

Thank you so much for your pet focused advice, Tanya and Howard

JENN: Hello, Lotz Family! You know it! I adore Utah/CO and have spent a significant amount of time with my dogs exploring the red rocks and surrounding mountains of this diverse state.

Here’s my MUST see list around those areas;

*Kodachrome basin state Park, UT- Beautiful hiking, biking and bird watching with in the park. You were in the middle of nowhere here so be sure you have your food supplies with you.

*Petrified forest state park- branch off from there and hike the 7 mile out and back Petroglyphs/waterfall gem called Calf Creek Falls. Pack a lunch and hike early to avoid the heat.

*Moab, UT- try to stay at the first come first serve goose Island campground. Across the street from there is our favorite hike to do with the dogs called the Negro Bill Trailhead. This exquisite hike has many water crossings to help keep the dog’s cool and dead ends at a massive natural Bridge.

*70 miles from Moab is the little Colorado town of Fruita/Grand Junction. Try to get a reservation at Highline Lake State Park or at the James M Robb (Fruita Section) State Park. This entire area is jam-packed full of amazing hiking, cycling and birding. Don’t miss the Kokapelli Trails and the 18 Road Trails! The nearby town of Paradise, Colorado is well known for its peach festivals so check out the current list of events while trip planning.

*Steamboat Lake St. Park and Pearl Lake are just north of the lovely town of Steamboat Springs is breathtakingly beautiful in the late spring and blooming with colorful wildflowers and endless miles of BLM trails. I am cautious in these areas to watch for ticks and rattlesnakes- make a plan to avoid them and how to respond in you have a close encounter.

* Grandby, CO is at the west gate of Rocky Mtn. National Park and offers several National Forest Campground (NFC) that are more pet friendly than camping inside the NP itself.

*Breckenridge/Frisco/Leadville, CO are my favorite must do Colorado destinations and each of the CO State Parks and NFC’s are filled with helpful planed trails and clean, camper/pet friendly amenities. Be sure to hike the trail around Twin Lakes and Turquoise Lake in Leadville and stay at the Sugarloafin’ Campground- tell owner, Don Sepi, Jenn sent ya! All good dogs and cats are very welcomed!

Enjoy and let me know if I can ever help you again with trip planning to or from the Cottonwood Thousand Trails Resort.

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