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4 Paws on the Road - September 2016

Jenn, I purchased an eight week old Frenchie several weeks ago from a breeder. To tell you the truth, the dog is totally driving me crazy. He wakes me up at night chewing on my earlobes. He eats like a pig and I cant potty train him. He eats really well but he is so needy. I feed him twice today but it just doesn’t seem like it’s enough. I’m feeding Wellness as the breeder suggested – thoughts on that? Any words of wisdom would be much appreciated. 


JENN: Jasper, My first thought is that puppies are like this and what you are experiencing is normal. Try crate training him next to your bed so you can both learn to savor your space and give him a change to not be glued to you all the time. Set a blanket in his crate that he gets used to as his and place a piddle pad in the crate so he learns to use it when needed. A puppy can fall off the bed at night and break a leg or get squished by accident. These are very real situations that I have seen happen at my time at the vet. I truly appreciate your honesty and willingness to ask for help. Your puppy is fragile and impressionable, so how you treat him will shape the future. A dog depends on you for everything and in return, will give you everything. Love them with all your heart even when you feel like your patience is being tested. You are both growing together in different ways. Set clear rules but do it with kindness and consistency- that is the KEY. It’s important that he’s fed more than twice a day as he has a lot of growing yet to do. As far as foods, check out do some homework for yourself. You are nearby to one fantastic and knowledgeable pet shop in Wenatchee called Firehouse Pet Shop. It’s important that what you select pet food that it be 100% grain free and made/sourced in the United States. Puppies like your little one require a lot of rest and a lot of play, several times a day but exercise needs to be limited as he is so young. Be sure that you keep some routine and time schedules to properly begin to potty train and allow quiet times in a well ventilated crate where your dog will feel safe and secure when not being glued to your side or held in your arms. Get all 3 puppy shot series completed prior to letting him frolic in area where other dogs have been as to avoid picking up a life threating disease. Make sure he gets fixed and that you talk to your vet about monthly Heartguard. He will pay you back as your best friend for life. Trust is earned and you’re both developing that relationship right now, moment to moment. Speak gently and softly to him as to make his interest stay with yours. Stubborn Bulldogs only block a harsh tone of voice…don’t we all?! I’m sure if you need a couple hour away from the little one, you won’t have any troubles finding a friend to hang with the little guy. Never leave him in warm car and/or in direct sunlight where he can not escape heat. You own a sensitive, brachycephalic breed dog- so do I!-  that has very specific heat and cold tolerances that are always to be considered.


My wife and I both own, or rather, are owned by, two 3 yr old Pomeranians. We love to bike ride & each time we head out we come home to some sort of mess in the house or troublesome destruction in their protest of our absence. We’d love to take them along on the bike but can’t fit a trailer in the camper- have you a product suggestion that would suit our casual cycling style? 

Thanks, Chip and Gail

JENN: Yes! And thank you so much for your inquiry. I just reviewed an exciting product called the Buddyrider. Rather than mounting a small basket to the front of your handlebars or towing a heavy pet trailer, the ingenious Buddyrider pet seat mounts securely to your bicycles seatpost. The thoughtful design allows your pet a smoother ride and keeps their weight centered along with yours for the best handling. I love that the pet seat may be quickly removed with the secure Clevis pin. Check out the padded booster seat for smaller dogs such as your Poms. I see that you live in Leavenworth that is close to Firehouse Pet Shop in Wenatchee who carries the Buddyrider along with many other fantastic pet foods and items. Firehouse is a must stop pet shop when camping at the Leavenworth Thousand Trails! They even have a super luxurious and affordable do-it-yourself pet wash on site and lots of creative items. Go see Jen and Allan and they would be happy to help get you set up with everything you need for your pet and more. The affordable Buddyrider system should really make for more enjoyable days for your whole family, both at the campground and at home.

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