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Ham, Cheese and Biscuit Bake

(10″ deep dutch oven, 375″ oven, 1 ring and 3 additional coals on lid, 1 loose ring of coals under the oven)



  1. Light the coals so they are ready when you have the dish put together.
  2. Grease the dutch oven with pan spray or butter, or use a parchment liner.
  3. Cut each biscuit in fourths and put to side.
  4. Beat the eggs gently til scrambled. Mix in milk, then cheese and biscuit pieces. Gently stir and pour into the dutch oven.
  5. Set up the coals for baking. Put the oven onto the loose ring of coals. Top with coals on the lid.
  6. Cook for about 20-25 minutes til the eggs are all set and the biscuits are done.
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